Seven Spheres Course

The Seven Spheres Course

Here you can purchase the Seven Spheres Course. Note that I am only selling 50 seats at a time. I will be offering them every six (6) weeks or so. The course is $75, and you must have the Seven Spheres book to keep up.

I do not sell the book. You have to buy it from Nephilim Press. To purchase the book, go to this link if you don't already have it:

There is no value in this course without the book. The book is a stand-alone text that does not require this course, but this course will make no sense without the book, so don't waste my time buying the course without the book. There are NO REFUNDS FOR ANYONE WHO BUYS THE COURSE WITHOUT THE BOOK, NO EXCEPTIONS.

The course will consist of an introduction, an overview of the Principia Hermetica that forms the cosmology of the system, and then a separate presentation for each of the Seven Spheres. At the end I'll offer a conclusion presentation, with some ideas about what might happen next. That's nine presentations, across about six weeks or so.

Please note: Purchasing this course grants you access to the book you've purchased and the presentations of each lesson. You will not have any one on one time with me. I will not answer personal emails, I will not be available for quick questions on FaceBook. there is no discussion group associated with this course that I will monitor and interact with. These things take time I don't have, and most of the time the answer is in the book, is obvious, or isn't something you really want to hear anyway.

If you would like some personal time with me to discuss magic, to receive personal training, divinations, or whatever, I am available for $125 an hour. If you have a question, ask yourself if that's what you're willing to spend to get the answer. Because my time is valuable, I've got my own Kingdom to create and maintain here. I'm here for you, of course, but mostly I'm here for me.

So if you're interested in the course, sign up here below. The lessons will be webcast on GoTo Meeting, you'll get a link to the presentation at least the day before. All lessons will be recorded, and if you miss the webcast, you'll be able to see the video at a later date. The first course will start Sunday, January 11. I expect it to last an hour, but things always take longer than I expect. After that I'd like to present a course the day before the next planetary day that you'll be doing the rites on. If you've got my book, you'll know what I mean. I'm not making ay promises, because until I'm making enough off this to quit my day job, I've got a day job. I will promise to wrap it up in less than nine weeks.

IF YOU MISS the first round, don't worry. I'll be selling them again. So the first 25 people that sign up get the courses.

If this goes super smoothly, I'll increase the numbers of people who can sign up at a time, and get things ramped up. As the presentations are recorded, I'll be able to start them more frequently, if demand is high enough.

I only accept PayPal for this. Please don't ask for any exceptions, I don't have time for it.

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