Friday, March 20, 2009

To those interested in the Hermetics Course

And those already taking it...

I have received your requests and expressions of interest, and I am not ignoring you. I have been moderately overwhelmed lately, but I hope to get my shit together this weekend.


  1. Weren't you going to put something on your Products page at

  2. Yes, I really was. I have had some ISSUES. Like losing my fucking thumb drive with the thumb drive, insomnia from HELL, and several other petty annoyances. I don't know HOW non-spiritually evolved beings manage to allow their children to live past thirteen.

  3. "Like losing my fucking thumb drive with the thumb drive"

    Hm the insomnia would explain why that makes no sense whatsoever.

    To conk out easily mix catnip with chamomile and fennel seeds and a pinch of peppermint and boil with some milk and strain. For even more power but worse flavor add valerian root and hops, which both taste horrible together.

    And um.. are you asking live past 13 days or 13 months? much longer than that and the fat is no longer good for concocting the Witches' Beauty Creame.

  4. Should be: Losing my thumb drive with the Hermetic course material on it.

    And 13 years old.

  5. I put St Anthony on the case.. to get in on that remember the rhyme "St Anthony St Anthony please look around/xyz is missing and can't be found."


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