Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hermetic Work

The Earth is a prison. You've been sentenced here to work out whatever issues you've got that kept you from completing your cosmic responsibilities in previous incarnations in higher spheres. You're descended from the One, and you're supposed to be on a higher plane doing something that involves maintaining the continued existence of a multi-dimensional, multi-planar universe that is far larger than any portion that has the misfortune of existing in the physical time-space we're stuck in.

You fucked up, and until you work out whatever it was that you fucked up up there, you're stuck down here, and killing yourself only puts you further back in line for Ascension.

The only way out is to remember the truth, and to work with extra-terrestrial consciousnesses to work through your karmic debt, attain spiritual awareness, and earn your way back up to your natural state of Oneness with the One who is One and not Two.

Sound familiar? That's a summary of the Revelations of an Insider. I ended up on that page while perusing old links in my bookmarks Sunday, July 4th. 

What struck me about the long exchange was that everything the dude was saying lines up perfectly with Hermetics, except for the bit about the Earth being a prison planet. Of course he would put it that way, he was talking to a conspiracy theory group, after all. Context demanded it be couched in those terms. That stuff about aliens and the popular conspiracy theories at the time it was written, bloodlines, ruling families, etc. is all bunk, but the core of the spiritual doctrine he's giving there is totally in harmony with Hermetic doctrine.

It's neo-platonism all over again. You're really a manifestation of God, the world distracts you, makes you forget, and you just need to be reminded of that. You conjure spirits from other realms, higher spiritual planes that teach you, remind you, grant you access to your memory of your true self, and then you join with the Powers that Be so you can meet even greater responsibilities in the higher realms.

It's a common theme in New Age teachings too. That crowd speaks of alien intelligences, and channeled wisdom. We speak of Planetary Intelligences, and entities from the Sphere of the Fixed Stars. The only difference between "Martial" and "Martian" is the last letter, when you look at it. And the experiences of the people who receive initiations (they call them transmissions) from the spirits (they call them alien entities) are pretty similar to the things we get to do when we have been through the proper clarifications and initiations, when we've been harmonized with the spheres.

I guess what I'm saying is that the core "truths" of Hermetics keep popping up in different forms for different generations. The end product is that people get in touch with "higher" intelligences, entities with a broader view of existence than we have, and then we receive spiritual training and empowerments as a result. The effects are pretty potent.


  1. This is a theme which runs through Gnosticism: The earth is a prison, and we're all here because of a colossal mistake.

  2. We have the true light of Gnosis - the divine spark - but were unfortunately created by the Demiurge...

    I mean, you could also go Phil Dick at this point and begin ranting about the Pink Beam and the Black Iron Prison...

  3. @Jack, the Demiurge isn't always a bad dude. In Hermetic theology he's the consubstantiated LOGOS and the Workman. He never fell, was never a blind idiot god, and was never the abortive attempt by Sophia to create a reflection of the universe. SOME gnostics may have believed the demiurge was evil at worst, incompetent at best, but not all. I'm 99% sure the Corpus Hermeticum predated the gnostic perversion of the Demiurge and his Seven Assistants. Can't look it up at the moment though.

  4. Oh, and we weren't created by the demiurge in the Hermetic Texts. It LOOKS like we were created by the Good, the First Father, but further research indicates that might have been the Nous. Still, not a demiurge in this belief system.

    Phil Dick never made it to the Rainbow Body, so fuck him.

  5. I cringed at this at first because of the first line, then realized you were citing someone else. I swear, you're almost as bad as Plotinus for that. Speaking of Plotinus says very, very mean things about the gnostics, mostly because (1) they blaspheme the demiurge and (2) they regard matter as sinful. Plotinus goes out of his way to say insofar as matter is distant from the One, it is "evil," but it is not evil in the moral sense. Still, I like the later Neoplatonists better; they like matter just fine as a means of creating "symbola" back to the One.

  6. Well, I have the impression that we are the fallen ones, somethings seems to point in that direction to me, still a subject I'm trying to elucidate. Having said that, I see the "earth prison" concept as a valid one, personally I think that the prison is to be incarnated and to have to come back over and over again to endure so much evil and a lot of other not so kind things,for some this is to "learn" and become worth enough to be besides God, for me is precisely to serve time, pay the debt and then be worth to go back to "society"(could be heaven, metaphorically). By the way, that evil we must endure has been created by ourselves, because we are the fallen ones!

  7. I have figured out the source of your issues, David! I can heal you, make you stronger, faster, more at peace with the world. I can take away your pain, the conflict within your heart and mind, the sorrow of existence that threatens to blind you to the simultaneous joy. I can make you One.

    For the low low price of... ;)

  8. the "insider" claims the earth to be _worse than_ a prison.
    my current take on it is that it's a farm.
    prisoners do their time but farm animals are exploited and their very species is alienated : genetic barriers, blocks and enslaving.

    another gnostic-like piece on this topic : http://www.rense.com/general91/wft4.htm


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