Saturday, July 27, 2019

Ye Olde Magic Shoppe - Soror Mimm

Harper Feist and Soror Mimm at the
Magickal Women Conference in London, 2019
Soror Mimm's got my support, and her services can be found at the following link:

While I gotta say, this woman is one of the brattiest princesses I've ever met, she's an amazing magician, a hilarious dinner conversationalist, and not too shabby when it comes to the magick side of things. I got to hang out with her in London at the Magickal Women Conference, where she presented Women of the Golden Dawn, Past, Present, and Future.

We met, and I was like, dude, do I even know you? And then she started to walk away, and I was all, WAIT! YOU'RE SOROR MIMM! She's still mad at me about that one. Sigh.

She's been giving me shit for years, one of the ear marks of someone who's got courage, wit, and charm. It was such a pleasure to meet her in the flesh. Lovely, charming, and carrying a deadly wit she's not afraid to use.

Turns out she's an accomplished magician in spite of her affiliation with the Golden Dawn, and is offering magical products and services, including readings, herbal consultations, coaching in ceremonial magick and witchcraft, and various other implements and wyrdings.

She's one of the few people I'd trust with providing goods and services, and honestly the only GD member I'd take seriously in this kind of endeavor.

For more information, her semi-official bio reads something like:

Soror Mimm is an initiate in the Golden Dawn tradition in the Temple of Thoth Amen-Ra, an independent Golden DawnTemple located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains of Denver, Colorado. She is also the Praemonstator of her Temple and is a Chief of her order. She is the owner and operator of Ye Olde Magic Shoppe where she teaches a variety of classes and workshops on magical herbalism, witchcraft, and ceremonial magic and is the owner of Peacock Publishing, an independent publisher of esoteric and occult subjects.

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