Friday, May 03, 2019

A Commiseration for the Magi

I think if I could go back and not do the Work, I would. It changes you, and you know things. Things that are harder to live with, more challenging. It gives you the strength to deal with it, but it also makes you more sensitive to things other people don't have to deal with. There are things I'd rather not know, that I know, and I can't forget. There are things I'd rather not know how to do that I can't stop doing now, because there's no off switch, there's just turn it on and go. It ruins you for a normal life. No one ever mentions it, so a warning for folks called to this path: be prepared to be changed. Be prepared to see people in all their weakness, and to love them anyway. Be prepared to set aside your tenets. They are false in the face of love. Be prepared to be wrong, so wrong, and be prepared to be set right. Be prepared for heartache, like you wouldn't believe, grief that feels like death, and these words will not suffice to warn you about that, it's a killer, but then you don't die. You keep on living, in power. In knowledge. And then you have to will and dare. And keep silent. And the learning who and what you are never stops. And sometimes it's amazing, and other time it's just not pretty. And then when you've done the Work, you're aware of all the things you fuck up, and you have to just deal with it. Fix it with the tools you've got at hand. Hope for the best. The "GREAT" in Great Work doesn't mean super fun and always awesome. It just means big. It makes you big. Consider whether you want to be big before you take on the challenge. A bigger you is a bigger you. All you, all the time, and you know it, but you still have feelings, and they are bigger too. I say that as if we have a choice. But it's not like any of us had a choice. We do the Work when we do it, and we suffer the consequences. Consider this a commiseration for the magi. It looked like fun and wealth and power and freedom, and it turned out to be a love that knows no bounds, that won't stop, it just keeps going. There's no escape to some hidden place where you get away from it, there's just this love that goes on and on, and there's ... no off switch.

And I lied at the top of this post. I'd do it every time.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Principles of Discord - Elementary Truths Necessary

Sometime between the late 1980s and early 1990s, it was my good fortune to discover, devour, and distill the essences of the Principia Discordia, forever transforming from your average lame nerd into a super-human magick machine, who saw through the lies, got the joke, and laughed along with the ultimate deity at the punchline.

Most of my friends were on the same kick. Robert Anton Wilson, Robert Shea, Kerry Thornley, Omar Khayyam Ravenhurst, Malaclypse the Younger, even old Gruad the Greyface had amazing things to teach us. Phil Hine, Hakim Bey, and Fenwick, with his Fotamecus time bending daimon who was last seen ascending the heavens yelling, "CHRONOS YOUR TIME HAS COME!"

We ate it up, found quarters, did LSD, misquoted William Blake, and painted our Air Jordans neon pink and yellow because fuck you. We listened to Use Your Illusion I & II, and laughed at Axel's attempts to pretend he got it. We read Austin Osman Spare, and Aleister Crowley, and while the OTO was busy figuring out how to treat women like people, we were figuring out "that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves."

And then I spent about 18 years in the region of Thud, and forgot a lot of things, and then I came back to the occult thinking all of y'all understood this fundamental truth.

But ...

You don't.

So Imma teach you.

Starting as soon as I get enough people signed on, I'm going to be teaching 5 classes on the fundamentals of Erisianism, which is condensed chaos, which is loosely outlined in the Principia Discordia.

If you want to join up, it will be $115 total for all five classes ($23 each). You will learn and understand the fundamental truths that make all magick possible, plausible, and effective, including but not limited to:

  • Hexagram 23: Split apart 
    • No Blame My Ass
    • The mystery of the Number 23
      • Even and odd
      • Law of Fives
      • Insights into Gematria
      • Does it Matter?
  • It's all One Thing
    • You were probably an accident, and you're adopted
      • Gnosticism
      • Christianity
      • Patriarchy sucks
    • Neoplatonism and Hermetics
      • The history
      • The Practices
        • Contemplation
        • Sending Rude Letters
        • Feeling Better than Plotinus
      • The Legacy
        • Angels and Daimons
        • You got your Theurgy in my Goetia
        • Transcendentalism isn't ALL bad
    • Kings and Kingdoms shall all pass away
      • Time and the illusion of not being one thing
      • Saturn/Binah/Mom cries bitter tears
      • Joy of being transients
  • The Erisian Mystery
    • The Original Snub
    • Apples and Ambrosia
    • Vanity has a peel
    • Who is the Prettiest?
    • The Secret Formula: 23 23/23 Kallisti!
  • Nothing is real, all is permitted
    • Fate and Determinism in a Rational and Irrational Universe
    • Limits and where they come from
    • Options and where they come from
    • Imagination, and Working it Out
    • Do what thou wilt, motherfuckers
  • Crowley wasn't wrong: Fuckin' works
    • Sex Magick is awesome
    • Jizzing on sigils is gross
    • Chaos magick is stupid
    • Creating Magical Children
    • Creating Magical Currents
So yea, I'm going there. All those places. I'm inviting you to join me, because there's a thing about me that people don't get, and that means there's a thing about you that you don't get.

Let's fix this shit.

Friday, February 15, 2019

A Pseudo-Review of One Truth and One Spirit

Keith Readdy has recently published One Truth and One Spirit, subtitled "Aleister Crowley's Spiritual Legacy." This is not a true review, this is just a tribute.

In this work, Keith has put together a lot of his personal research and published it for consumption by the masses. Overall, his research is interesting and provides an insight into history from a perspective that quite a few people will find useful in years to come.

His academic and political presentations have been properly (in my humble opinion) analyzed, exposed, and addressed nicely in the following reviews:

Review 1: By an OTO member who values Thelemic promulgation, sees the failures of the OTO in this regard, and wants to see it do better; also, I think, he feels that the Southern Baptist approach to Thelema is stupid, and that the idea of Duplexity is inbred white trash bullshit (paraphrasing, with intent). Neutral in terms of A.'.A.'. affiliation (he won't join my preferred group, the bastard), and an honest expression of his likes and dislikes of Readdy's work.

Review 2: By an OTO member who values historic accuracy. Tons of historically provable facts, relies primarily on his 20 years of experience in the OTO and documentation he's had access to, and his personal research. Totally one of Grady's lineage in regards to the A.'.A.'., as becomes clear in his discourse.

As much as I would LOVE to contribute another rebuttal to the presuppositions Keith's book assumes, I don't think it's entirely necessary. People aware of the facts are aware of the facts, and there will be plenty of links to these reviews available online.

Suffice it to say, the public face of the A.'.A.'. claimant group that the OTO is currently partnering with is founded on a dude from Tennessee's assertion that he talked to the Secret Chiefs sometime in the 70s, and they told him he's the leader of the A.'.A.'., for real, for real, he means it.

Meanwhile the actual A.'.A.'.'s outer face continues its work, regardless of OTO recognition or affiliation, as it has since Aleister Crowley oversaw Jane Wolfe's progress at Cefalu. There is only one A.'.A.'., and there is only one group that has maintained its link to its root and core. If you're interested in the real A.'.A.'., check out

But Keith Readdy put a ton of work into producing this book, and I know how hard that can be. I respect the work he's done, and the information he provides. I've read most of it previously, when he published it under other pseudonyms publicly.

I initially described this book as a Frankenstein's monster sewn together from other works into a shambling golem stumbling towards some unsustainable view of the OTO dictated by Shiva X, a dude in Texas, and J. Daniel Gunther.

That was probably a little harsh.

My brother Keith spent a lot of time putting together his book, and that shit's hard to do. This is a sizable chunk of his life, and I admire his ability to put this all together. I feel like he's sincere in what he presents, and is super focused on making certain points, documenting them clearly and concisely.

I also think he's a pawn being used by a tiny little cabal in the OTO to further their overall plans of invalidating all other A.'.A.'. claimant groups, with a specific hard on against Phyllis Seckler and her heirs.

Keith uses a lot of source-citing in his book, which is good. Unfortunately, I know the magical motto and civilian names of at least one of the people he cites repeatedly. He cites them as if they were different people in the footnotes, and that is kinda cool, you don't want to out your brothers and sisters for sure, but it makes it look like he's got twice as many sources supporting the Duplexity argument than he does. In real life, it's one guy who had a thought and wrote an essay that Shiva X thought was cool, and then it got spun up into some kind of big deal. I happen to  like him as a brother in the OTO, even though we disagree about things A.'.A.'. in all the possible ways.

His Duplexity argument is just trash. Not worth worrying over.

I super enjoyed reading Keith's book. It's a snapshot of what some OTO Thelemites think about Thelema in general. It's full of contradictions, and would fail every kind of basic internal consistency checks required by most documents, but it gives an interesting perspective on the history, present, and future of the OTO and the A.'.A.'. as it is currently viewed by one faction of organized Thelema.

And it has interesting anecdotes.

I would recommend reading it in context of the diaries of Jane Wolf, the Red Flame books regarding Jane and Crowley, and Karl Germer's correspondence with Phyllis and Jane. Understanding the roots of the animosity against Phyllis that is expressed in this book also requires reading James Wasserman's Through the Fire. It puts the whole thing into perspective, young pup meets A.'.A.'. leadership, doesn't like that it's a woman who tells him he's doing something he shouldn't be doing yet based on his obvious drug addictions and incomplete preparation for the rite, rebels and goes to someone else who has an actual penis because that's what matters most to him.


Anyway, if you read Keith's book, respect the work that he put into it, forgive his bias, and spend some effort learning the full story of how things work. It's not his fault.

The Law that was adopted by the O.T.O. comes from the A.'.A.'., as Crowley states in Liber CCC. I support the OTO because it's easy. At the end of the day though, the OTO is not the One True Thelemic body that will carry out the work of the A.'.A.'. if it loses sight of the actual Law; it's only the most convenient at the moment. If members in positions of authority continue to push against the legitimate heirs to the A.'.A.'. in favor of 1970's would-be gurus who hear voices confirming their innermost desires, the A.'.A.'. will find a better vehicle to support its work.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Knowledge and Conversation with the Holy Guardian Angel, Part 1

Hey guys, I'm going to host a talk Monday evening at 6:00 PM Central on the Holy Guardian Angel, and what it's all about, and what it's really like when you meet them, and how to have a good time in the process of meeting them.

Topics will include, but are not limited to:

  • The History of the HGA
  • Methods of Meetings
  • Conversation, it's a Thing

I'm only planning to talk for 45 minutes or an hour, but I'd love to have you present to ask questions and interact. It's a nice way to wrap up the weekend, in my opinion. $25 for a seat.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Conjuring Demons using the Seven Spheres Technique: An Hour-Long Workshop

Edit a
[Edit Again: Due to popular demand, I will be having another one Monday January 14, 2019 from 6:00-7:00 PM CST.]

I'm going to be offering a class on conjuring Demons using the techniques of conjuration described in the Seven Spheres. I'll be focusing on the Dukes, because I like them the most, and Bune specifically, because ... eloquence. I needs some.

You'll get a talk from me for about 30-45 minutes, a Q&A session for about 15 minutes, and all you have to do is send me $25 through PayPal.

If you're interested, please respond by 12:00 PM Central. I'll send the Gotomeeting information to the emails associated with your PayPal, unless you tell me otherwise. You can ping me on FaceBook Messenger if you want the info sent to a different email address.

You'll dial in, I'll be on with a camera, you'll learn, and in one hour you'll know everything you need to conjure a spirit in ways that would make Jake Stratton-Kent turn over in his grave, if he were dead yet. Use the button below to make sure I know you're interested.