Sunday, January 18, 2015

Seven Spheres Course 1 Re-do

Hey Y'all!

So last weekend I tried to cram about 6 hours of awesome into about an hour and a half.

Shockingly, I failed.


But I, like any awesome magician, learned from my mistakes and am rescheduling things appropriately. Instead of ONE lesson with three HUGE topics to cover, I'm making it into two, because fuck you, 10 pound bag, I'll shove 12.5 pounds of shit into you anyway.

So for those who caught the "How the courses will work with Boring Tech Writer Consistency" and "Everything I've Ever Said Before about Hermetic Cosmologies for Fun and Profit," you'll have a chance to hear these two things AGAIN this afternoon at 12:00 pm Central.

Er, yeah, today.

AND all you folks who I forgot to send the email to with the time and dates, this is your chance to catch up too! I think I got it out to everyone about ten minutes ago.

BUT WAIT! There's more!

I didn't even make it to the conjuration rite of the Seven Spheres Course I had wanted to cover last week. So we'll have ANOTHER presentation to cover that at 6:00 PM Central. You should have a link in your email to the course.

And then we'll do Jupiter is Awesome on like, Tuesday night or Wednesday night or something. Probably in the afternoon or evening.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Seven Spheres Course starts Tomorrow

Watch for a schedule here later today!

Courses will be live webinar events to those who signed up.

Courses will be recorded and made available online if you can't make it.

Saturday, January 03, 2015

Returning Soon

Hi all! Kids are in town and I'm having a good time with them this week. I'll be back and answering emails and makes no posts about seven soheres stuff soon! Thanks all for your support, and I will be getting to all the folks buying hours of my time ASAP to schedule your appointments!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Joy as the Friggin' Point

I just watched an excellent series on YouTube called Children of the Stones. Old Brit show for young adults. Ian, the guy who drew the cadceus on my blog introduced it to us tonight. Part of the plot is that some of the people are all happy, too happy, and too smart for their own good.

That was what made them super creepy.

They were happy. And they could do math.


Friggin' pagan bear cult ley line magus interstellar black hole sun transmission and world domination. And time travel.

Anyway, good show, but it's weird to me that the writers chose intelligence and joy as the symptoms of the people being brainwashed. It's like they're saying, hey, those guys are happy... WTF is their problem? There must be something wrong with happy smart people. No one can be that smart and not be a bitter cynic. No one who can be happy can also do all that ... that ... that math!

When I started processing some of the things I learned in my Work, I found myself ebullient with joy and feeling pretty insightful. I was excited and wanted to tell everyone. I admit it, I had a touch of the old insufferableprickitis. But that's ok. Because this time it was different, I had this understanding of how things worked, I could see how people had trapped themselves in terrible lives by telling themselves convincingly that they had to stay there. I'd done it so well myself.

And what I saw was that it is the same ability to convince yourself that you are stuck that is the power of speaking things into being. The thing Hermeticists learn how to do really well in the Great Work, the operation of making the unseen idea in our head into a manifest reality. It's why aphorisms work, it's the power of New Thought (The Secret) and all the things it teaches that work, sometimes. We are that which can turn things imagined into an experience that we and others can participate in.

But when you do that, you are pretty happy. You're aware of what's going on in your life. You know which currents are currently manifesting, and how they will impact your sphere to bring about your current project. You have a framework that lets you predict outcomes, you have an overarching goal in place, and you've got several experiments running in parallel that are bringing you closer every day. You are satisfied at your progress, excited about your latest discoveries, and already working towards what comes next.

And that, apparently, scares the everloving crap out of people.

Like in The Matrix, the first simulated world was perfect, and no human brain could accept it, and they lost whole crops. So they created an imperfect world, our world, and humans thrived.

We can't accept the idea that people can have good lives, be smart, happy, and content. There's something wrong with those people. Something strange. Something just not right.

That's why I've been on this interview schtick lately. I have proof that I'm not alone, and I'm not crazy. Or a fraud, or a guru, or anything like that. I've got friends who are doing it too, making their lives work, and making it happen.

Charming Glamourists, who doubled their sales from one year to the next, doing what she teaches others to do. Bearded frothing mad Bards telling stories of emergence that grip you by the hypocampus and make you see the timeless moment. .Net programmers doing the whole full-on Abramelin rite on the side that matters, the inside. Professional sorcerors managing their kingdom and providing income by talking about sex, and magic.

They're doing it, they're speaking their worlds into being, creating the situations and experiences they want to participate with. And yes, they are terrified, and thrilled, and angry, and prosperous, and insane, and masters, and total noobs all the time with a sense of wonder that pervades all they do. Sometimes it's wonder in an awed sort of way. Other times they're wondering WTF they're doing with their lives.

But they're all doing it, sometimes they're doing it anyway, all pursuing the manifestation of their reality in accordance with their will. They are doing it. Manifesting branches and fruit of Yggdrasil. By seed and root and stem and bud and leaf and flower and fruit do we invoke Thee, they say, making the unmanifest manifest.

And why?

Because they can't NOT.

They've got to, mister. They can never stop doing this thing because it is what makes them happy. It fulfils us to do this. We ascend the spheres and return in power, and we create the world. We're tweaking our approach, honing our techniques, passing on the things we do for others to see, try on, and keep what works for them as they put together their own magical practice.

The thing that drives them is what I mean when I say Joy. Ecstatic mysteries aside, joy is that feeling of awesome thrill when you've done something cool, and it worked. Sometimes it's even noticed, rarely it may even be appreciated.

Even if it is, though, that's not the point.

We do it because we must. We must feel that joy. Nothing else matters. We all found our way to it, and we do what works for us, because we like it.

And that's the point. I say:


It doesn't matter what you create, creation itself is the thing that brings it to you:


It's what tells you you've done it right, well done, be proud, and what's next?


Existence, the active and interactive experince of existence... is pure joy.

Friday, December 26, 2014

A Recipe for Cheer

Fundamentally, what I've always experienced as "The Christmas Spirit" is the feeling of celebration of life itself. Sostice is about that, the return of the Sun. Christmas is about that, the coming of the savior of the world. In the darkest of days, a glimmer of hope comes to remind us that Spring is around the corner, and to hang in there, the Holly King will fall, and the Oak King shall return to rule another season.

We exchange gifts to celebrate what we have, what we hope for, what is to come. We celebrate the things we can so-easily lose sight of in the darkest depths of winter, when the days are so short, and we are struggling to get through to daylight again.  We celebrate to remind us of the things we lost sight of in the daily bullshit of life. We are Scrooge, who has gotten cynical and needs the reminders and touchstones with bright joyful times of the past and present to avoid a grim and cold future.

That's what the magic of the Christmas spirit is all about, and that is what was lacking this year in the HF-RO HQ Midwest Division.

Harper and I were talking the other day about how the Christmas Spirit hadn't descended upon our house. It wasn't that I was feeling un-cheerful, or un-grateful, or un-celebratory, quite the opposite, in fact. I am joyful and so very thankful for every wonderful aspect of my life. What's missing this year isn't the feelings of Joy at all.

What's missing is the absence of this feeling the rest of the year.

We were talking about it again Christmas morning, and about what makes what we have so cool. Most of the things we do in our lives, we would do regardless of being in a relationship together. We have similar goals, goals that we have each spent a long time figuring out will make us happy. We have similar incomes, the results of our hard work, and the good fortune granted by our invisible friends. We have both been through enough of life to recognize the basic processes that need to be in place to have a happy life, and we do those things together, but not for each other; we would each do so individually, regardless of our relationship.

And that's sort of the thing. Our relationship is based first on our own individual happiness. That's a key piece we both realized after years of trying to do things with people who made us feel badly about ourselves. We both understand that if the things we do individually aren't compatible, no amount of wishing, trying, or sacrificing on our parts will ever make the other person happy. In fact, we recognize that neither of us can make the other person happy. No one can make anyone feel anything. And neither of us are interested in making another person feel anything. We want to be appreciated, sure, but we want it to be honest. And if it's not something the other person feels honestly, well, ok. They aren't the reason we do what we do, we do it for us, and if the other person appreciates it, so much the better.

And we've been fortunate to find another person who appreciates the things we do, the work we've done, the accomplishments we've made, the beauty and joy of our lives, and how much better it is to merge them together. We express our gratitude and joy regularly, because we can. We don't resent one another because we don't sacrifice for one another; we don't have to.

There are some tips and tricks we use to have a great relationship, it's not like we don't do any work to maintain what we have. We based our relationship on the same levels of communication and honesty that our friends in the Polyamory communities use, when they are successful. We had frequent checkpoints to touch base and see how each other were feeling in the first year or so. These days they happen a lot less often, but still pretty regularly. We discuss things that cause us to have feelings we don't like, things that make us sad that happen, and we listen to each other without interrupting. We don't defend ourselves, and we care about each other very much. We don't expect the other person to change because of our feelings, but we trust each other to help us deal with the feelings in ways that are mutually beneficial.

So I was thinking today about how the "Christmas Spirit" is something we experience all year long, and how it's the result of the recipe we have for our lives. We each tried the recipe with other people and it turned out badly, but basically our recipe is a good one, and I'd like to share what we do with you on this Christmas day, so that maybe part of our recipe will be something you can add to yours to increase your Joy all year long:

Be happy with yourselves. I'm not saying be at rest with how you are and make a bunch of excuses for your shitty behavior. If you don't like who you are, if you are working against yourself for some reason, making choices that leave you unhappy, broke, or further away from your heart's desire, then change yourself. It isn't easy, but it isn't impossible either. Whatever you change, you'll find you aren't really changing yourself as much as you are revealing yourself, and it's a process that never ends. But you should be happy with yourself when you're alone. If you aren't happy alone, you won't be happy anywhere with anyone. This is a big part of the Great Work. Or maybe it's just a side effect that I appreciate a lot because it's such a huge difference in comparison to how I felt about myself for so long.

Have a good income. Make some money. A "good income" covers all your monthly bills with 25-30% left over for savings and fun stuff. If you make $1000 a month, you should spend no more than $750 on your monthly expenses. The rest should go to a savings account and for treating yourself well. The variables you can influence are your monthly income and your monthly expenses. Raise the income, lower the out-go, or both. Career training, educations, and certifications can help increase incomes, and there are a ton of resources available about budgeting that you can find in an afternoon on Google. But I've found that if you are saving 20% of your income and have 5% of it available for fun stuff, you're going to have a steady financial experience that eliminates most of your stress in your life.

Be grateful. Being grateful is the natural result of having a low-stress life, I think. It's also one of the keys to ceating one. We spend a lot of time paying our attention to things that we think, feel, and experience. What we pay our attention to in life grows. The more we think about things, the bigger they get in our lives. So if we pay attention to all the negative things more than the positive things, the negative things will keep growing bigger, and the positives will keep growing smaller. I'm not saying if you think positive, everything becomes positive at all. I'm saying if you give a little time each day in appreciation for the good things, you'll start to see more of them, and they will grow larger and more influential in your life over time, and the negative things will shrink down to manageable portions. Having a good income helps.

These are the main things that seem to be the key ingredients for the recipe we use to have a joyful life all year round. We spent the time doing the work, and now we get to reap the rewards. We have goals we are working toward, and we are doing the Work now that will result in our desired outcome. We are physically heatlhy, mentally challenged, and romantically engaged with one another. We celebrate our lives, daily.

On Christmas we celebrated each other's company with our family, opened presents, and had some really good lamb and pasqalina. An excellent time was had, and it was special and joyful in ways that we don't get to celebrate every day, but it was entirely in keeping with the standard of joy in our lives.

Merry Christmas to all! And may your year be full of Cheer!