Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Hekate: When the Gods Show Up with a Skeleton Key

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A couple of weeks ago, Harper and I got to go down to Indianapolis to talk about the Seven Spheres and the art of conjuration and scrying in general. It was awesome good times.

A couple long-time friends showed up who had been former pupils, but have long since become co-workers in this world-manifestation project we're all participating in to various degrees, and it was so much fun to hang out with them, and shoot the shit.

I noticed right away that they were both sporting some obvious Skeleton Key bling, and over some delicious Greek (and later Indian) foods, we got to talking about what it represented. It turns out they are both part of Jason Miller's Strategic Sorcery class, and had opted into his Sorcery of Hekate class. The Skeleton Key was a symbol of their particular Workings at the moment, and I was like, cool, neat.

But then they started talking about what it was they were experiencing, mutually, in their relationship with Hekate. It wasn't long before the hairs on my arms were standing up, and I felt this harmonic resonance between the two of them. It was pretty incredible.

Both these guys are on top of their games, socially, economically, and spiritually. They know what they want, and how to get it. They aren't afraid of doing the magic that it takes to change the world as they see fit. When you run into magicians/sorcerors/whatever who are actively doing the lines of reality-shifting that we do, you recognize it, and it resonates.

And they seem to have found a key to opening things in this Hekate system Jason's pulled together.

Jason talks more about it in his blog posts, and even more about it in the Strategic Sorcery group. In short, his Work with Hekate over the years has resulted in the development of a seriously potent system of working with the powers that manifest and maintain the material and spiritual worlds we work with. It's got elements of Goetia (in the Chthonic sense), but also taps into the psycho-pompic aspects of this Goddess, and her influences at the crossroads.

Man, honestly, I can't even represent it well enough.

But Jason's just offered the course publicly again, after a long period of capping it for further development. It's a great time to get into the current, adopt, adapt, and implement a modern system of underworld/overworld interaction that creates a thing that you want to create.

And it's friggin' potent. Sitting across the table from these guys when they were talking about it, I felt wave after wave of power radiating from them that "spoke" to me at some deep levels. I couldn't wait to let y'all know what's up with this stuff.

So here's the link with full information and the way to join:

This is not your average magick 101 bullshit. This is the next level stuff that people who have done the boot camp, seen the front lines, risen through the ranks, and taken command of their own troops should be working with.

Power, prestige, and potency.

Friday, April 08, 2016

The Visible College Presents: "The Time of the Gods" in Glastonbury

Ahhhhhh, so once again that angelic genius Sef Salem has managed to balance his work/life/reason-for-incarnating, and has put together yet another amazing opportunity to interact with some of the best minds Europe has to offer on subjects of occult interest and Applied Hermetics! The Visible College is hard at work.

The schedule this year includes:

Saturday's Programme:

  • Elaine Bailey - The Isis Revival (Lecture) and the Golden Dawn (Workshop)
  • Dr Liz Williams - The Hellfire Club (Lecture)
  • Damh the Bard - Worldwide Druidry (Lecture) and Bardic Set
  • Matthew Levi-Stevens - Strange Gods for the New Age (Lecture)
  • Siany DragonOak - Modern Witchcraft for Busy People (Workshop)
  • Sef Salem - Summoning Angels (Workshop)

Sunday's Programme:

  • Taster workshops from local practitioners
  • Cavan McLaughlin - Open-Source Occultism
  • Emma Doeve - Babalon: Where is She Now?
  • Jake Stratton-Kent - Goetia Renewed
  • Julian Vayne - Future Magicks
Tickets are available at the door only at this point, but you should totally plan on going.

Last time I worked with Sef on Summoning Angels, it took three years to figure out what the actual fuck went down. 

Full details can be found here:

Thursday, March 31, 2016

On Getting Roasted on the Inter-tubes

This morning I awoke to a concerned message from a long-time friend and mentor about the ongoing roast of me and everything I do or say on the internet on a tumblr site. I was like, no, no worries, it's fine, and went on with my day.

Then I got another concerned message from another friend, and then another from someone who was expecting old school RO thunderous cursings and retribution involving demons and public disgrace and so forth and so on. 

So with the third time being the proverbial charm, I'll go ahead and address it:

Julio has spent a lot of time making fun of me on the internet lately.


But ... 

So what? 

I've seen his posts, and they're funny. I get where he's coming from. That shit I said about the Kybalion would have set me off in 2006:

Rufus Opus: “The Kybalion is a, you know 19th century, early 20th century distillation of, you know, 12000 years of emanationist evolution of thought, you know, belief systems.  It's come down to us from, you know, the Chaldeans, you have, eh, uuh, the Persians. It’s a very ancient system”

See this Link for original.

I would have posted blog posts about it, with cussing and swearing and mockery galore. I hated the Kybalion with a passion for a ton of reasons that were totally valid to me at the time. 

Then I went through the Seven Spheres, reclaimed my race and value per Pymander, accomplished the Great Work, created the Philosopher's Stone (and he makes fun of me for saying that too, and that's also ok), and now I regularly provide the Panacea to the sick, the old, and I bring healing to the world.

Like in the deal.

And my opinion has changed, and it's informed by some other stuff these days. And maybe I'll get around to explaining that when I have time, if I feel like it.

So I get where he's coming from. I'd have made fun of me too, back in the day, and you know what? 

It worked. 99% of my readers reading this are only reading it because I challenged and mocked almost all the well-known icons of the occult community at the time, and carved out a niche, and made a name for myself, and then in that niche I was able to offer courses, and conferences, and ebooks, and talismans, and I got published.

The "Challenge established authorities to get attention" schtick is exactly what I did to establish the very "Rufus Opus Brand" that I'm so pleased with today (and irritates people to acknowledge that's what we do with this stuff). 

So how can I legit give him shit about this? 

And besides, he's not wrong to challenge me on this shit. The things he's mocking should probably be mocked. I've said some silly things over the years, and recently, and no one gets a pass on things just because they have a reputation or some silly brand they've worked towards establishing. 

Mostly his mockery is expressing a dogmatic traditionalist grimoire practitioner's view towards the kind of living Hermetic tradition I practice, and it's not new, folks. Traditionalist grimoire practitioners were telling me I'm wrong years before Julio could sign into Disney.com without his mom's permission, and they had better arguments than snide gifs. 

But they weren't nearly as amusing about it as Julio is.

It's honestly ok to come to different conclusions about how magic is done. The important thing to me is that the magic is done. If Julio has already, or ever does start creating a magical corpus to promote the practice of magic as he understands it and uses it to change the world, then honestly any aggrandizement he gets from roasting me is worth it. 

We get a world that is being created by magicians on purpose, and that's all I ever wanted.

So yes, thanks folks, I am fully aware that Julio can't go a week without talking about me on the internet, and honestly I'm flattered that he thinks my opinions on things are so important to the community that focussing his attentions on me will serve to advance his own brand, and I sincerely wish him all the blessings in his Work. 

HF-RO: Conjuring the Seven Spheres in INDY!

Ahoy, me beauties!

The lovely and talented Harper Feist and your devilishly handsome, illuminated, (and not to mention modest) blog poster Rufus Opus will be appearing in Indianapolis on April 23, 2016!

That's right, the Midwest Americans! We're coming to your
town, we're gonna party down, we're an American Occult Specialist Team Focused Mostly on Hermetic Conjure, and Angels, but We have been Known to Do Demons and Bar Mitzvahs with enough notice!

Harper will be discussing the Art of Scrying that is essential to make any of this stuff we do work. Harper has an instinctual understanding of communion with the invisible world, and has developed a series of techniques that put her "in the zone" to be able to interact with the entities we call into our crystals. She'll be discussing methods of moving out of the way, the cultivation of an internal emptiness, and the premise that the entire human body is a sensory device that the spirit world will use to commune with you, if you're paying attention.

I'm going to be talking about the traditional Hermetic cosmology, the role of the Seven Planetary Spheres, and about the intent of my book to transform its users into fully activated and actualized human beings, with all the divinity that comes along with that.

After, we'll create some talismans, and conjure the spirit of the hour and day to consecrate them, to strengthen our foundations, to expand our borders, and to reveal the hidden knowledge we need to better understand who we are, why we're here, and how to get that thing done.

This event began its life as an invitation to discuss the book the local Indy OTO group, Anabasis Encampment, about the conjure book "Seven Spheres," but it's becoming kind of a thing. People are coming from Kentucky, Tennessee, New York, and Ohio so far for sure. Most of them have been friends of mine for years, and it's totally not just an OTO event anymore.

It's a party, bitches! I'd love to have as many people show up as possible, we don't get out as often as we'd like to see the coolest of the cool.


Saturday, April 23, 2016 E.V. at 10 AM - 4 PM EDT


Sacred Path
1818 W 57th St, Indianapolis, Indiana 46228

Full details can be found at this link:


Tickets are $25, and seating is relatively limited. I'll be bringing copies of my book to sign as well. If you're interested, send $25 to treasurer@anabasis-oto.org with a note explaining it's for the HF-RO Seven Spheres event.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

On the Bene Gesserit Litany Against Fear

Jason Miller recently committed the blasphemy of suggesting that the Litany against fear has been over-done in most modern cultural references, and as much as I love my brother, I take offense at that particular implication, because my brothers and sisters, this one can never be over-done.

Can you say it with me? From memory?

“I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”

Why the fuck is this the thing it is? Why is it so important that it gets brought up by every would-be  mystic god-king of their own lives? Why is it so damned important to us?

Well in point of fact, it addresses the most basic issue that stops all of y'all from doing the things that you're capable of accomplishing if you'd just get over that shit. And I'm saying that because I use it all the frickin' time, and it has LITERALLY changed the course of my life.

Before every interview for jobs I wasn't qualified to perform, I said that motherfucker.

Before every date I wasn't qualified to attend, I said that motherfucker.

Before rituals, before turning in tests for esoteric orders, before going into some scary-looking initiations, I said that motherfucker.

Because fear is the thing that stops everyone. It is the core of every problem every woman and every man upon the Earth faces.

And it's even worse than I ever thought it was when I was just using this litany thing for mundane tasks. I started meditating a couple years ago. I put my usual all into it, and I became a pro right away. That is, it took a couple of years to see the real fruit that comes from regular meditative practice.

I found the thing in my head that's always talking. The part that just. won't. shut. the. fuck. up.

And if you haven't found that part of yourself, start meditating. It's key to that whole "know thyself" thing that people pretend isn't Western Mystery Tradition.

So you know what that little thing is saying most of the time? It usually starts with "What if..."

What if she's sleeping with someone else? What if they're going to end your contract? What if your ex is abusing the kids? What if your choices are screwing up your kids lives? What if you screwed up that one kid forever? What if they figure out you're making this crap up as you go along? What if you're wrong?

What if you're wrong? What if you're wrong? What if you're totally and completely wrong?

It's not fear, even. It's just anxiety. And it's vital to humanity's existence. We need fear like we need to breathe. It keeps us alive. It focuses our awareness to the things we need to pay attention to so we don't fuck our lives up a lot more. We need fear. It is our first warning system. Fear is a tool.

But it triggers too big of a response, as anyone who's had to go through a panic attack, or lived with people prone to them can testify. Uncontrolled fear is crippling, and it's rarely in proportion to the crap we have to deal with. We're still evolving past the animal instincts, and it's a necessary thing to get over those aspects of what we are.

I like the idea that we're extensions of a cosmic consciousness, and we're all nodal consciousnesses plugged into some convenient monkey bodies who managed to contact our immortal spirits through the convenient interface of hallucinogenic fungus, but I don't talk about that a lot because it's cray-cray.

So to use fear as the tool it should be, we need things like the Litany. It friggin' works. It gives you something to do to calm down the monkey mind and let you think. It can get you out of bed in the morning. It can get you through the job interview. It can get you to talk pirate to the lover you want to bed. It can shut down all those "what ifs" the monkey mind throws at us, and gets us to a point where we can take a look at the actual situation without all the exaggerated crap that the triggered fear response tries to make of it.

It puts us in a place where we can take control of a situation in which we are otherwise victims.