Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Same and Different

If you've become spiritually and or magically aware enough to have had the passing thought that, yes, that motherfucker who just cut you off in traffic, that lazy bitch at the MVA, and even that oh-so-irritating n00b magician on the Great Work list is in real reality some manifestation of yourself because God is All in All, or It's all One, or All that is is Light, Light in Extension, then you know that everything is the same.

One God, One Monad, but at the exact same time, in the exact same space, it's also multiple emanations manifesting as different individual, unique combinations of the elements, planetary and astrological influences. Proportionally, things manifest differently. there's no thing in this world that is separate from any other thing, it's true, but don't forget, things are different at the same time. Unique. Like the old saying goes, you can never cross the same river twice. You're different, or the water's different. Not the same.

Things are different for a reason. The Monad emanated on purpose. It wasn't some cosmic acident. Everything between hell and heaven has a divine purpose, an assigned trait, a role and a responsibility that it must fulfill. When I hear modern magical mofos going on about how it's all One, or how the HGA is the Atman, or that Krishna is Christ, or that Ashtaroth the Daimon is Asherah the Goddess, I want to rip their faces off. They obviously don't appreciate having a unique face through which to interact with the rest of existence after all.

Look, yeah, every god, goddess, daimon, angel, spirit, man, woman, child, rock, tree, and shrubbery is an extension of the same God. But it's extended itself in its own way for a reason. Things are the same in higher levels, but those levels are so much higher that we can't access them, not from where we are, and not without giving up that which makes us uniquely us.

So the next time someone tells you that the HGA is the higher self, do me a favor and give them a good solid bitchslap. Tell them it's from me. After all, we're all extensions of God, right? So obviously, that makes you and everyone else... Me.

All your base are belong to us.