Friday, April 04, 2008

No One Understands Me...

Ok, well, I shouldn't say "no one" understands me. The fact is that most folks seem content, at least, with the things I do, and seem to grasp that these posts I make here and on message boards are the records, thoughts, observations, and witticisms that come from my personal efforts to accomplish the Great Work.

There are some folks who don't get it though, and I'm not so enlightened that I can just accept that some people won't get it. I've got this overwhelming urge to explain myself to my detractors in the naive hope that they will understand what's going on at Rufus Opus.

Why do I focus on Wealth and Prosperity primarily in my posts? Mainly because that's something everyone I know can use help with, or could have used some help with at one point in their lives. I try to demonstrate that it's not hard to make a talisman for great wealth and riches. I try to get people to do magick that serves them personally. I'm laying out bait, as it were, to get people doing magick.

When you do any ritual that involves conjuring the angels or archangels of the higher realms, they have an effect on the magician. Each interaction with a higher power results in that higher power rubbing off on the magician a little bit, getting them closer to accomplishing the Great Work. Every conjuration of a spirit transmutes the magician's primal material just a little bit, refining it, making them a better person, making them more magickally aware, more accomplished, and better-balanced.

I could focus on all the philosophical implications of magick, and tell people how to do theurgical rites alone, but most folks will read it, think it's a good idea, and then do nothing else. I know, I was there for years. But when I started doing the real stuff, I started growing spiritually as a side effect. The truths of the platonists and neoplatonists revealed themselves to me. I gained insight into the workings of the universe. I conquered character flaws, became more generous, and all the things that a spiritual person ought to experience.

So that's why I teach people the basics of material-manipulation on this blog. That's why I sell the Angel Conjuration Kits that appeal to the basic needs and desires of humanity. If someone buys the Love Angel conjuration Kit and does the Work to get themselves their soul mate, then they will be hobnobbing with the Archangel of Venus, who will naturally attune their spheres, cleansing out their own problems and burn off the things that hinder them in the process.

I didn't think I needed to tell the more advanced adepts that this is why I do things, but a couple of people who should know better seem to think I'm in this for the money and that I think magick is all a scam, a way to pull a fast one.

It is, in a way, a shortcut to everything you could possibly desire. But at the same time, you will undergo the four stages of the Alchemical Great Work. You can't have mastery of the universe without the transmutation of the soul. It's nice how that works.

So for all of you who have thought that my magickal techniques were just for money, you're wrong. I just don't talk much about the spiritual aspects of the Work because really, you'll need to experience them and interpret them within the context of your own life. The techniques I provide are a catalyst for the Great Work.

That should sum it up. If anyone still thinks I'm in it for the money... well, let's just say I'm not getting rich off anything I do online. I cover my expenses for the web site, and make a little more on the side, about enough for a dinner at Bob Evans once or twice a month for me and my family.

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  1. Don't sweat it. If anyone really thinks that you are only in it for the money-they aren't really reading what you post. And, there is nothing immoral about a fair exchange.


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