Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Favorite Blogs

Recently, I've discovered that many of my friends are starting to blog about the nature of their Work. I'm very excited. I want to encourage as many people to blog about their magickal practice as much as possible because it was from the Work and insight gained by others that I grew the most. I found confirmation in my own experiences, encouraging me to continue in my own pursuits.

My current favorites (in no particular order) are:


  1. w00t! Nice to see someone likes Eighth Sermon.

  2. I read your blog almost religiously. Once a month, whether I need it or not. :)

  3. Huh... from the stats of my page, I'd never guess that anyone had even taken a look at my page. ;)

    It's odd to see my stuff rubbing up against the others on this list. CoP is heavily oriented towards deconstruction and structural analysis of WMT in terms of practical application - not how to wave a wand or even why. I mean, I cover tiny bits of that... but for the most part, it's ripping things apart to rebuild them in more "normal" forms - even if they're somewhat old-fashioned.

    Thus the "cautionary" in the strapline... ;)

  4. For me, it is those "I would have never thought of that" moments that have been the most useful to me.


  5. Great now I am going to actually have to come up with something creative :) Thank you for the kind words.

    Now back to water the garden before it bursts into flames.

  6. I'm pretty impressed with the company that my musings are keeping. With effort, I will keep my "Sally Fields at the Oscars" moment to myself, though.


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