Monday, December 29, 2008

Courting Heaven's Messengers

Frater Ararita418 (whose Public Identity has yet to be established) is the friend I mentioned in last night's post. He has provided a web page with a link to his discussion on Angel Magic, titled "Courting Heaven's Messengers." He's a well-spoken, refined brother. I am highly respectful of his scholarship, knowledge, and understanding of angelic magical systems. While listening, I'd find a thing he said that I'd disagree with, and then later he'd go over it in more detail, and I'd realize he agreed with my experience after all. It's interesting to hear other people's interpretations of things that confirm in odd ways what you've experienced.

So, click here and have a listen:

For some personal background, I met Ararita418 around the time I made contact with my HGA. He witnessed the changes I went through, and has been able to provide me with insights into what I'm going through as I go through it over the past three or four years. He's a Merkavah fiend, and has developed several lessons that he teaches on Angel magic. I can't wait for him to get into the demons, but he's being wise and waiting for K&C.

He talks in this piece about the grimoire The Sword of Moses, and it reminded me of Fr. POS's dream of receiving a Sword after doing the Enochian magic with EXARP. I'd like to see those two get their heads together and compare notes some time.

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