Saturday, July 25, 2009


I started Working in Luna, spurred on by some research I was doing into astral warfare. I was mostly playing, but I needed to verify some of the things I wanted to include in a fun book on astral warfare I'm working on. I conjured up Gabriel by name and seal, and went for a few jaunts through the lower reaches of the sphere of the Moon. Good times... good times.

But it wasn't long before I felt drawn to a particular Gate. Around the Gate were symbold of the Moon from Agrippa and the Magical Calendar, and symbols I haven't seen before and hesitate to reproduce. Much of the realm I was in at the time was projected and created by myself, and I don't want to pretend to have knowledge from the spirit world that I secretly just made up, you know? But they were cool.

Walking towards the gate, I felt a gentle condensation of the the spiritual fabric of the realm I was in, and Gabriel was soon walking with me. We didn't talk, which was rather odd for me. Usually I call on the spirits and we talk a lot. We were simply moving, and I just sort of understood that I was being taken to the next stage of my progression in the Work. We went through the Gate, Gabriel opening it for me, and the realm I was in was completely unlike the landscaped scene I had left. There was no Gate. I saw colors there are no words for, silvery-purple being a grave disservice to the hues I saw. Each color was meaningful, like they are when the synesthesia kicks in on LSD. There was no sense of tripping though, no intense urge to accomplish whatever happened next, no distant slimey nausea hovering in the astral equivalent of my gut. It was tranquil, serene, and infinitely patient.

I felt an image of the disk of the Moon. She was full, and as crystal sharp as if I were looking at her through a telescope. I felt every crag of every crater in sharp relief. I'm using visual language, but remember all I saw was the alien-colored light. I became aware of the chain of manifestation leading up from the physical planet, like a ray of light extending infinitely through the meta-cosmos of the spheres directly to the Mind of God. It was pure Luna, but it had its own heavens to ascend through. The Tree of Life images that show a tree of life within each sphere, implying there is a Binah of Tiphareth, a Chokmah of Tiphareth, and so on is too simple of a construct to represent what I sensed. It's like that, as if there are hevens of the Moon, or ... Mansions... shit. I wonder now if that's what I was going through? Now I'll have to research that.

Anyway, within each heaven of the Sphere of the Moon were beings of progressively more-diffuse intelligence and purpose. As I ascended, my own form changed. I was simply an awareness at first, a sphere of sensation that I prefer to travel through the spheres in. It's much easier to move around.As I rose though, I felt layers being removed, like an onion being peeled. As each layer fell away, I became more aware of how I too was a diffuse Intelligence of the Moon as well. The entities I sensed around me were my kin, distant relatives and friends from ages past.

At each stage I learned something about myself. I'm not talking about some psychological insight into why I do thigs, either. I mean, it could probably be used for that, but I'm talking about learning something about my self. Like learning I had feet, or how to use my hand to pick up a coffee mug. Only it wasn't my body, it was my essence. Divination, for instance, made sense. I just understood divination. It isn't time or space, or probability, it's revelation. Revelation is peeling away the layers so you can see what lies within that works to manifest what happens next. It's like seeing the cause, and deducing the result, only less mechanical.

There were other insights, like understanding how to communicate with spirits using symbols to get the essence across. It was like learning the vocabulary of their language, or the alphabet of their words. I understand why Spare called it an Alphabet of Desire, even though I understood the concept before. I know about it, first hand now. I undestand why the grimoires have specific symbols in each seal. The seals of the Goetic spirits make perfect sense, they are pictographic longhand, a formal style that has become familiar, casual over time.

As I ascended further, through many more than the seven spheres I'm accustomed to traveling, I apprached the veil where the thoguht of God originates within the infinite Mind. Of course, words fail, but there was still a hint of the Sphere of the Moon, like an aftertaste that lingered. My Mind and the Mind of God communed without symbols, in pure exchange of impulse. I'm sure it's apparent that words cannot convey that which lies behind words themselves.

Rising further, I left behind all vestiges of the Moon and pierced through the Infinite Light into the Divine Darkness. Awareness faded, and time, which had lost all meaning a few heavens before, simply ceased. Everything ceased. Everything simply was the Prime Mover. Looking back, it was sort of like the Benben stone within the ocean upon which the Atum stood in the Egyptian myth cycle. Except that even the ocean was the Benben stone, in extension.

Wrapping words around the experience is annoying. It must be understood that these matters cannot accurately be put into words. They must be experienced.

As I went through the following days, I didn't notice much of a change in my manifest realm. I'd like to say there was a spiritual change that made everything bearable and gave me a great attitude that made everything perfect, but the fact is I was still an asshole surrounded by assholes at work and a mountain of work to do around the house. But I was aware of it differently.

Since then, I've been experiencing more synchronicities and "psychic" flashes. Nothing debilitating, but I get images of what's going on behind closed doors from snippets of conversations at work, or I take a different route to work and end up avoiding traffic. If I were one to give readings, I've got a feeling they'd be scary accurate right now. I have a greater awareness and control over the Lunar aspects of my life.


  1. :0
    Thank you so much for taking the time to share this with us!

  2. Great post. Sign me up for a reading

  3. Great post. Sign me up for a reading

    What he said.

  4. Since this experience is something beyond what I am capable of or ready for at this point, much of what you convey is beyond my comprehension, although the beauty of it comes through in the voice you use to write it.

    But the value of reading it is that it inspires me to keep working. I long to know those things that I will only learn by experiencing them myself.

    And for that, I thank you.

  5. >>But I was aware of it differently.

    There is more agreement between the the slower to change and the quicker to change parts of you. You as a whole adapt quicker to what's around you and 'transmissions' become clearer and easier.

    Try sitting in meditation and focus on the entirety of your brain changing from its current state, which you can call 'anarchy' and its respective higher level selves up and down the 'chains of manifestation' that create this 'anxiety', and make the material counterpart relax and order itself and have the corresponding effect happen with the higher level counterparts that are causing the chaos, so they become more in line with the orderliness of the parts of you that's already calm and ordered.

    By the way, how's the reading on that stuff I gave you? Got through it yet?

  6. BTW. Take another look at the gate drawings in Simons Necro in light of your recent trip. Can't say that they are entirely un-inspired can you?

  7. Thanks for sharing this. Some experiences are perhaps so subtle, or exists within/influence non-verbal parts of the brain, rendering them difficult to explain with words; however, you have done so masterfully with this post.

    Throw in a few tentacles, moments of horror, and approaching dread - and you would have an awesome lovecraftian story ;) "and symbols I haven't seen before and hesitate to reproduce."

    Seriously though, a great post.

  8. Dohm,

    Which begs the question: Was it Lovecraft's magical activities that laid the foundation for his dreams and visions? I mean, really.

  9. " ...I don't want to pretend to have knowledge from the spirit world that I secretly just made up, you know?"

    This puzzles me RO...quite a bit. :-)
    I would write it down.

  10. So beautifully expressed. Thank you for sharing this piece of Heaven with your readers. I felt a part of me was there, in between the Words...thank you.

    Silvia Pancaro/MoonCoach

  11. Hey babe!
    Hope you and the family are well.
    Sounds like it is time to pick up the cards again. Remember otter whilst doing so. I find a lot of the spirits I work with prefer them when given the option. Whether this has more to do with my personal sympathy for symbolism or their ease of speaking that language I am not sure. But the cards have not been used for "fortune telling" as such for a very long time. These days they are purely a language of communication.

    Best of luck with everything.
    I check in when I can, though I have realised I am spreading myself too thin of late and intend to cut my studies back to part time in about 4 weeks. So hopefully I will be able to catch up with you all soon.

    Love Kathy


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