Friday, February 26, 2010

Golden Dawn Stuff

As you may know, I don't do Golden Dawn. It brings out the worst in me.

However, it's a good system for other people. Many of my friends are doing really well in that particular vibe.

Nick Farrell, author of When a Tree Falls, Tarot Revelations, Egyptian Scarab Oracle, Magical Pathworking: Techniques of Active Imagination, Making Talismans: Living Entities of Power, and Gathering the Magic: Creating 21st Century esoteric Groups (and I'm betting many more titles to come, titles with colons, yea, and verily titles also without colons), has announced the Magical Order of Aurora Aurea (MOAA). It's website is, and if you want to see his announcement, it's at THIS LINK.

Nick's got a level head on his shoulders, and so far I haven't seen any reason to suspect he's going to turn into another Robert Zink. If you're looking for a Golden Dawn group to join with minimal baggage, but as much "lineage" as any other GD Order, I'd suggest checking out MOAA. I expect it to be a major shaping force of the next generation's experience with the GD. I'd like to see it become the phoenix that rises from the ashes of the inter- and intra-Order wars (both online flame wars and offline magical wars) of the late '90s and early 'aughts. I'd like to see it capture the goal of the original members of the GD and achieve the empowerment that allowed the English magicians to fight the Germans in the Aethyrs as well as the airs above Europe in WWII.