Thursday, November 24, 2011


Thanksgiving is about being thankful for all the things we have that are good in life. I've got a lot to be thankful for this year. You all are on my list of people I'm thankful for. Not only do you like me, you actually pay me to do magic for you or to teach you what I've learned! I love that. Thanks for making my life perfect.

My fellow occult bloggers, thank you for all your posts, the ones I love, the ones I hate, and the ones that piss me off the most, because they teach me so much. We have the richest community of magicians who all get along even when we don't. Totally fabulous getting to be alive with you all.

You know we're living through the kind of occult explosion the GD was part of in the last century, right? We're not in the desert of shit sources that people were in through the 1950s. We live in very exciting times. We are the Crowleys and Mathers and Regardies and Gurdjieffs and Blatavatskies of our age. Most of my close friends in the blogosphere are magicians who have far exceeded any of these in personal practice and wisdom. I really love you all, and I am humbled/honored/totally stoked/proud as fuck that I get to be a part of this family. Thanks for proving that human beings can be awesome.

And to Jove, I give thanks for all the health and necessary wealth we have received this year. May his blessings pour out on you and your families throughout the year. Next year, may we all be thankful we're millionaires.