Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How to post links in comments

With Deb's New Year New You thing going around, people are posting links in google's blogger comments that you can't click on.

I'm guilty of that. But I don't like to have to select the link, hit copy, go to the browser address bar, hit paste, then hit go when I could just click a link.

So here's how to post a link in a comment on blogger:

Type this:

<a href="

Then paste your link.

Then type this:


you'll have this:

<a href="">

Or this:

<a href="">

Now type the text that you want to link to the site. Like "My blog post participation."

then type this:


Altogether, you'll have:

<a href="">My blog post participation.</a>

And it will look like this in the preview of your comment:

My blog post participation.

And then you can add "HTML Programmer" to your resume.