Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Oh my Blog, how I've Missed You...

Well! Time for a public administrative post to get my shit in gear and provide a little crowd-based self motivation.

Ok then. Things have been hectic. They are still hectic, but they are getting calmed down a bit. I will be back to ye olde regular bloggery soon. Private life issues get all ironed out and finalized over the next month or so.

Business projects continue apace. I am way behind on Hermetic Diagnoses, and getting those caught up is my first order of business. After that, I'll be pushing out the Planetary Magical Boot camp, formerly known as Seven Spheres in Seven Days. Then I'll finish the Love Magic book I had HOPED to have ready by Valentine's day. Heh, that didn't happen.

And starting in June, I'll be pumping out those 4th Seal of Jupiter Talismans from the Key of Solomon. There's still plenty of time to pre-order those. I have almost everything I need to do this lost-wax casting style. I'm very excited.

I had to drop out of the Starfire appearance due to kid-summer-visitation time constraints that I couldn't anticipate. I'll be doing some kind of Angel Magic presentation at Azul Nox and something else at Thelesis soon too, though dates have yet to be scheduled.

I think I have a talk show coming up with Gnostic NYC again sometime soon too. That was a lot of fun, I'm looking forward to doing it again.

And then in October, I'll be speaking at Crucible! I'm very excited. If things go well, I'll be ready to kick off the ROpocalypse in a major way this October. That will take a lot of work though, and it might not beuntil later on. One never knows though, I happen to be in the miracle business.

Much love, brothers and sisters, much love!

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