Thursday, June 23, 2016

A Bune Spirit Pot, and Some Bune Spirit Pot Fun

A few months ago, a client asked me to make him a Spirit Pot for an entity from the Lemegeton's Goetia. I bought the ingredients, and before I put them together, he canceled.

This morning, I was doing some Work with Bune, and I got the urge to take those ingredients and swap them out for a Bune pot to send out into the world. An inspiration, if you will.

Putting thought to word to deed, I did.

So here's a Bune Spirit Pot. It started out as a small box from Amazon, ivory colored and trimmed in brass. It received a generous amount of hyssop and high john root, some dried raisins, some amethyst, and a piece of coral I found on the beach in Florida. I was also compelled to include a raw copper ingot I had laying around, something I made a while ago before I started ordering my copper disks from online stores. Of course, it has the engraved seal of Bune (the one that works best in my experience) on a copper disk inside.

Duly consecrated, the spirit invoked and quite happy in the home I've made it, I am happy to offer it to anyone who wants it. I only have one, but I could make a couple more if there's an interest, but it takes me forever to get around to it.

These are going for $275, and I've got one made, and the stuff to make two more, but that's it. Three total available, I'm trying really hard not to do deficit selling these days:

Now for some Bune Spirit Pot fun...

I sold one of these Bune pots to a client on request, and after he'd received it, I got the following messages from him on Facebook:

I was getting ready for a ritual myself, and had to wait until later to talk more to him about it, but eventually we got to talk, and he told me about what happened after he did the rite. He had performed the evocation I sent him for the spirit pot, and had included a couple of other things in it that I don't remember now and am not familiar with anyway. 

But he had also bought the solar seal from the Key of Solomon that allows you to see spirits, and he held that in his left hand, and the Bune talisman in his right when he did the ritual. Didn't see much in the moment, shut things down and had himself some cheese bread, as one does.

About a half an hour afterwards the presence of the spirit was made apparent to him...

So yea, I've been sitting on that "testimony" for a while now, and it was difficult. There's a lot more that I'm not posting because he was really excited, and a little scared, and eventually we talked on skype about it. 

I hadn't realized he'd never conjured any spirit before when I sold this to him, but as with all this conjure stuff, it turned out fine eventually. We still keep in touch, and he hasn't had any more physical manifestations, even though he's tried. He's working on understanding the spirit, building a relationship, and learning how to go about requesting assistance in an effective way. 

Getting the language down, and learning to ask for the right amount of change at a time is key, I think. Incremental changes are easier to get than massive life changing ones, for reasons that are pretty obvious when you think about them.

Anyway, three Spirit Pots, $275 each:

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