Saturday, June 21, 2008

Powers of the Sphinx in Rending the Veil

I just finished reading an article on the Four Powers of the Sphinx by Patrick Dunn in the latest edition of Rending the Veil. I liked it, a lot. I usually get annoyed when the subject of the Four Powers of the Sphinx comes up. I'm not silent about my Work, I talk about it all the time. I'm not convinced that the "Will" has ever been properly identified in a magickal context. Daring and Knowledge didn't strike me much as being more than a passing Captain Obvious reference. (As in, way to go, Captain Obvious!)

But Patrick Dunn's article treats the subject in a way I've never seen presented before. I'm no postmodernist, but I still could grasp what he was saying and see how it made the Powers of the Sphinx into something useful, instead of being a puss-filled boil on magic's backside.

The full article is located via this link. Click the underlined part, dude, or the Title of this post. It's well worth the read.