Friday, June 27, 2008

Outgrowing the Goetia

Someone mentioned on a list that "When you really know yourself, the Goetia is not needed any more." Personally, I think that's one of the more retarded, but also self-explanatory statements I've ever seen.

I use the Goetia style of magic because it is an effective means to accomplish mundane Work. There are things you need to have done, and you need to have them done by spirits who are closer to the material realm than the Angels and Intelligences of the celestial spheres. When you "know yourself" as a magician, you also know what your role is in the manifestation and maintenance of creation. If someone hasn't figured out that their role as a magician is going to require them to perform Goetic magic on occassion, then, well, ok then. There you have it.

But why would someone think that? Once again, people have watered down Magic to include some really weak and stupid thoughts. If the nimrod that posted the above statement had spent more time studying where he came from and his celestial and material brothers and sisters, he'd know a lot more about himself than he does. But in "Knowing himself," he hasn't bothered to look beyond himself.

You CANNOT "Know Yourself" if you do not look BEYOND your SELF.

Bad news, narcisists, it's not all about you.