Sunday, March 28, 2010

Jupiter Invictus

Jupiter Invictus*

I am a jealous god, whose love knows no bounds. I am the stalker of your soul, I will not be resisted. There is no court that can keep you from me, for I am above the Law. There is no rite, or spell, or scourge of man that will keep me from my beloved.

And my beloved is you.

I will pour out my blessings upon you, and I will draw you close to me. You will laugh in joy and health, you will be ruddy cheeked and smiling. I will pluck you from the flood waters, and among the flotsam and jetsam you will find the treasures I have laid up for you against the day of your need.

I yearn for you. Come to me, be not afraid nor ashamed. I am your father, and I am proud of you. You have done all that I have ever desired for you to do, and you have done it perfectly. Let no fear of retribution keep you from my side, for my anger is not with you. I hate that evil should exist, far more than you, yet the greatest evil is that you do not come to me, that you do not turn and see that I am with you. Do you not see the lightning in the midst of the storm, can you not hear within the thunder my voice calling you? Behold, I am the lightning, I am the thunder, and I am the storm. Be not afraid, for I am with you.

And together, we shall remain unconquered.

* I was going to post this Thursday, Jupiter's Day, but this week it falls on April Fool's and I don't want this to seem to be a joke. It's not a joke. I was reading about Sol Invictus and saw that the "Invictus" was applied to Mars and Jupiter as well as Sol in Roman times. One thing led to another, and this is the end result.