Thursday, March 03, 2011

Interesting Experiments

The question of whether there is or isn't a physical energy related to magic is an ongoing debate.

Today's post by Scott provides some fascinating insight though.

I've been following his results with interest. He's measuring the EMF fluctuations in his temple during conjuration rituals, and has found the EMF levels consistently peak between the conjuration and the license to depart. This indicates to me that the presence of the spirit has some effect on the sources of EMF in the temple, causing the increase. I don't know if the EMF sources are the magicians themselves or the spirit itself. A conjuration into a room where there are no people might show interesting results.

If the magicians are the source of the EMFs, then the spirits' presence increases the EMF production capabilities of human beings. If the spirit itself is producing EMFs, that's a whole other ball game.

I think Patrick's point that there is no such thing as "Magic energy" still holds true, though. At best, this experiment shows that spirits have a direct effect on the material realm, and influence the material forms of energy (electric, thermal, mechanical, etc.). It doesn't point to a mysterious 11th form of Energy, the Magic Energy. It doesn't indicate there is a Magic Particle or Magic Wave that produces change through variations in its frequency.

It does, however, support the idea that change in consciousness (the introduction of a conscious entity) changes matter. See Patrick's post defining consciousness for more insight. He's next-level neo-platonist. Post-neo-platonist or something.