Monday, March 21, 2011

Periodic Updates and Regularly Scheduled Maintenance

You know, it's been coming up a lot this last week, so I'll go ahead and write about it, and maybe then it can go away.

I'm annoyed, again. I know better than to be annoyed by this in particular, but nevertheless, it's annoying. This Work we do, it's all WORK. It's fun Work, but still... work.

Everything we do magically, just like everything we do using our other resources, requires ongoing periodic maintenance. There is no "Once and For All, Make Everything Perfect" ritual. There's only a set of (really awesome) tools that we have to keep using to keep things going.

Wealth and prosperity talismans need to be periodically reconsecrated. Protective entities need to be conjured and directed (redirected on occasion) regularly. Astral temple space has to be protected, cleansed, used, maintained. Love rituals have to be refreshed. As your life's situations change, the practices you have in place have to be modified. Your daily work needs to be done... daily.

This weekend I was feeling particularly annoyed because some rituals I had done had come to their successful conclusion, and I hadn't bothered doing any refreshing work to keep certain things in motion that need to remain in motion for my life to be comfortable and relatively stress-free. It was my own fault, and because I had fallen off the proactive wagon, I'm reduced to reactive magics.

Get back in the Ring, RO!