Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Eventually, Things Improve

I've been doing a lot of divinations for people lately. Consult this, business that, job this, hex that, and I've seen it there in every divination I've done:

Keep your tray in the upright position, place your head between your knees, and kiss your ass goodbye, because the plane's going DOWN, motherfucker, in flames!

Ok, not really. The real message I keep getting across the board for everyone in whatever situation they might be in is this:

Eventually, things improve.

The boss that's riding your ass and making your life hell goes away and you get a raise and things get better at work. The relationship issues that have you ready to kill your SO or yourself eventually fade away, you get over the pain, and you find pleasure in a different aspect of the relationship, and... things get better. The financial crisis hurts like a bitch, and then you get a job, and things get better. The curse is lifted and things get better. Your dog dies, you grieve, and then things get better.

Things always get better, folks. Eventually. It sucks to go through the shit times, but they're temporary. They aren't going to kill you, and even if they do, you'll survive in some fashion. If you've done the GREAT WORK you'll survive as a Power, and if you haven't you'll survive as a turnip or a cabbage or something. A happy one*.

Just do what you need to do to put out the fires in your life, and be patient. No matter how bad things are, matters will improve, eventually.

Keep your head.

Don't panic.


Assess the situation, plan your resolution, execute the plan, and reap the results. You'll see. Things get better.

* I have it on good authority that cabbages spend most of their existence in happiness, except for the part where they're stir fried and served steaming over rice towards the end there, but hey, nothing's perfect