Thursday, July 14, 2011

Daimon Traps

Ok, so one of my clients asked me what to do with the Evil Daimon name that you can generate from your natal chart using a table of pretty simple correspondences. I explained to her that the only thing I do with mine is bind him in lead to keep him from making my life much worse than it already is. It also keeps those who know when and where I was born from being able to use it to work mischief against me. She asked me to encase hers in lead for her, and for low low rates, I quickly agreed.

It was not easy. Back in the day, I used a log to make a little Genius altar kind of thing. I made a place of reverence for the Genius, and I hollowed out the base a bit and sealed my Evil Daimon in lead in there. It wasn't that difficult, I put down a layer of lead, tossed in the name of the spirit engraved in steel, and then put down more lead. The steel tried to float to the surface, but I was able to take care of that.

For the client, I thought I'd just encase the steel with her evil daimon name engraved in it in some lead. Damn near impossible, man. I had it totally encased once, and when I went to engrave the seal of Cassiel over it, a chunk of lead went flying and revealed the name of the spirit a bit. Just enough to leave it a toe hold in her life.

So I went back to what worked for me. I took some old wooden disks I have lying around the garage and glued five of them together into a cylinder and clamped it together. They're a couple inches wide or so, and maybe an eighth or a quarter of an inch thick. More toward an eighth, I suspect.
Ignore the mess. Seen here: Disks, clamp, glue, and the
solder iron stand that I use for the wood burning.
And some other stuff.
When the glue dried, I hollowed out a space big enough for the piece of steel with the evil daimon's name engraved in it, and then I melted some lead into the crevice, filling it about half way. Then I put in the spirit name, and covered it in more melted lead. It tried to float up to the surface, but I was ready for it this time, and held it under the molten lead with a thin metal wire, and yeah, it got hot, but not that hot.

I made another one to demonstrate the hollowing technique.
This was after I woodburned the client's, seen on the left.
The Big fishing weight is my lead source. And it really is lead, I checked.
These days they sell tin ones, so you have to be careful.
When it had sealed up, I took the metal wire out, and hit the whole thing with the blowtorch, just enough to melt the surface, filling in the hole left by the wire. Then I melted more lead over that, and when it cooled, engraved the seal of Cassiel over it, in a Saturn hour on a Saturday after conjuring him for his assistance in the matter.

Man's best friend.
When it cooled, I glued another disk over the lead, and woodburned in the Secret Seal of Solomon from the Lemegeton's Goetia, this time under the auspices of Mars and Saturn combined.
First I drew out the Secret Seal in pencil. I can't free-hand
woodburn it in from memory, I'm not that good.
Oh, did I mention I bound the evil daimon to the steel using Mars in the first place? Should have mentioned that. I carefully conjured the evil daimon into the steel piece bearing its name AFTER I conjured my HGA and Kammael of Mars, and bullied it into the metal where it didn't really like to be at all. I needed some help to get it to stay there from Kammael. Oh, and when it wasn't in lead in wood for a couple days, I kept it in a Triangle of Art where it couldn't bother anyone.

Here it is woodburned, before the stain.
When all was said and done, I stained it a nice dark color and let that dry, and then followed up with some clear poly to give it a thick rich gleaming coat. Well, I tired, but the stuff I had was the weak sauce. It sealed the thing, but it didn't give it the luster I was hoping for. It still turned out beautiful, in my opinion, but see for yourself:

Finished Spirit Trap
The client was very pleased, even though it took a month to get to her.

If you're interested, the steps are all here, and it's not that hard, except getting the Genius/Evil Daimon names, and Quaero Lux had an online name generator somewhere that made it pretty easy, if you've got some astrological skillz. It took an hour or two of actual work, and a few days of waiting for the glue to dry, and the stain to dry, and the poly to dry.

If you want me to do it for you, I'll do it for $125. You must be able to provide your full birth details though, where you were born, what time you were born, and the date you were born. I have to have all three. I tried to rectify a chart once for a client, and failed utterly and miserably. That was one of the very few times I refunded a client their money too, I failed so bad. So if you don't have the info, don't ask for one, I'm serious.

[Edit 02/21/2012: I'm not making these for people anymore.]
And honestly, do it yourself if you can. It takes some know how and some initiation, but mostly it takes the willingness to try.

This technique works for just about any kind of spirit that's bothering you, too, not just the natal Evil Daimon. It seals them off from affecting you in your kingdom. Don't go thinking you can trap YHVH with something like this, it doesn't work that way, but it does work to keep them out of your business.