Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Family Harmonics Follow-Up

A couple commenters on the Family Harmonics post asked some specific questions that I thought deserved their own post.

Mike Sententia writes:
Hi RO, love seeing case studies like this. Could you comment on the results of this magick? Also, I'm curious, how much does your family know of your magick, of this work in particular, and did they participate?

The results have been consistent with the kinds of results I've seen over the years when I conjured a spirit directly to help with an issue. The issue gets resolved, and the stress goes away. For example, my son was having issues with stress from his school work load, and a general request for assistance to all the spirits represented brought that right down to manageable levels.

The results aren't necessarily any different than any other method of involving the Spirits of the spheres in your life, it's just easier to light a candle and say a quick prayer in a stressful time. There's a passive aid that's being applied by the spirits as well, all the time, but how do you quantify that? There's more cheer, less jeer. Clearer communications, more self-control under pressure. People are nicer and happier, it seems. But it's not a make it all perfect all the time rite. It just makes things better, and it's more convenient to tap into the influence of the spirits represented.

My family is aware that I do magic, I don't hide it from them, but I raise my kids Catholic and explain it's something I do in addition to the core faith that is not necessary for everyone else to do. I don't include them in the rites, they're kids. Their brains aren't finished growing yet. I prefer to lay a foundation in the core tenets of the Faith, and then provide advanced lessons as they get older and start showing signs of interest, or a calling. I'm not going to force my weird on them. They'll have to get their own weird.

Anonymous writes:
Great post! Are the consecrations general or do they differ according to the seal? Can you post an example? It would be appreciated.
The consecrations I used were based on the type of rite that I always do, modeled on the Art of Drawing Spirits into Crystals. I conjured each of the archangels of the planets in the appropriate hour of the appropriate day, and asked them to bring their influence and guidance of the powers they represent to benefit the individual members of the family in their daily lives, and the unit as a whole as we make our way from cradle to grave, and beyond.

The rites recorded in the Gates series of ebooks would be appropriate.

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  1. Hi RO, thanks for taking the time to reply to the questions.


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