Monday, February 27, 2012

Applied Hermetics Update and Tips on Buying Occult Services

Life is good, brothers and sisters, life is good. Sales are up, people are learning traditional Hermetic magic with a firm grounding in the principles of Agrippa's Three Books of Occult Philosophy, and I'm making bank. The Red Work series of courses is doing phenomenally well. So well, in fact, it needs my full attention for a while.

As a result, I'm cutting back on the Applied Hermetics Services. Going forward, I'm only offering the Hermetic Diagnosis, and the Business Booster rite. I'll no longer be taking on new client work. This will give me the time to focus more on the completion and maintenance of the Courses, and to catch up on some backlogged work without extending the backlog even further.

I'll continue to work with existing clients on an as-needed basis, but all new client requests (other than Hermetic Diagnoses and Business Booster Rites) will receive recommendations to other practitioners I feel are qualified. In fact, I can tell you straight up who I'd recommend now and save some time*:

Jason Miller
The Valentines 
Michael Cecchetelli
Chris Warnock
Conjureman Ali
De Heer Balthazar

There are others I'd recommend who haven't formally started taking on clients that I know of (cough cough Deb, Fr. SEA, VonFaustus, Fr. AIT, Witchdoctor Joe, Adam cough cough).

These are the no-bullshit magical practitioners-for-money who I'm confident can deliver what they offer, no punk, no funk, no elevator junk.

Except Valentines, he can bring the punk on occasion, when it's fucking necessary.

And they've all got the funk.

But no elevator junk! They all rock it hard in their own way.

Whatever you do, go with someone who takes money, for a couple of reasons. When you give money for a service, it creates a very Hermetic/Mercurial sympathetic bond between the two of you. The exchange of money for a service seals a covenant between you and the practitioner, just exactly like the pacts made between Abraham and YHVH, and every other magician before or since.

Also, when you give a magician money in a covenantal, pact-based exchange of cash for services, they incur a debt, an obligation that they are held to by higher powers. They have to deliver to the best of their abilities, or else they pay the price. It's a magical oath the magician is held to as strongly as the Oath of the Abyss or the Bodhisattva vows. So buying the services of a magician provides its own built-in warranty that you will receive what you pay for.

That doesn't mean you get what you want, it only means the magician has to do what they said they would do for you. You can pay a magician all you want to get rich, but that won't guarantee any wealth rituals will work for you. It will only guarantee that they will do whatever they can to make you wealthy, or else.

Basically, when you hire a magician, you're doing the same thing a magician does when he conjures a spirit. The spirit you conjure by buying a service happens to be in a physical body like yours, but you're still creating a pact with a spirit and their associates to work on your behalf to manifest the world in accordance with your desires.

 * If you provide occult services and would like to be mentioned, don't bother asking for a referral unless I know you really well and have expressed my respect for your work. I might have forgotten to mention some folks because I have a mind like a solid steel sieve, but don't be expecting me to mention you if I don't know you from Adam. (Adam, I'm not talking about you, I'll refer them to you whenever you're ready to start taking clients.)