Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Post Apocalyptic Living

Jason and Gordon have been writing really cool stuff about the world we live in for the last couple of years. Gordon's been at the whole Apocalytpic living thing longer, I think, but Jason's always had that fundamental premise behind his work too. These are reasons I love them both.

Jason wrote something incredibly lucid about the world we live in today. He sums up a lot of things that I've been seeing and thinking in a really understandable way, as usual. I really appreciate his insight into the politics behind the current events, it was a piece I've suspected but never really understood. Definitely worth looking into, if you want a comprehensive understanding of what's going on.

At the end of the post, Jason does something that's so fucking Eristic at its core that it will go completely ignored by most folks, except for those with knee-jerk reactions.

He dares to think for himself.
The people at the top are cheaters and liars and play dirty. You might need to do the same. Use magic. Invent something. Be clever and mobile if you can. Stash gold in Singapore and invest in businesses in Mongolia. Hustle. Christ, lie if you have to.
Remember the débrouillard posts I made a long, long time ago? Piracy, living outside the box... I stopped writing about it because of a comment Jason made, about how the first rule of dèbrouillard club is don't talk about dèbrouillard club. I'm down with that. Figured you'd get the point and move right along.

Hermetic Mage, you aren't in society the way everyone else is. Your patron god, Hermes? He's a trickster. You cheat at life. You are a magician. You use the knowledge of your self, your true self, your family connections, your divine nature to get ahead. You manipulate unseen forces to make Fate and Fortune your bitch.

At least, you should. Doesn't make much sense not to if you really think about it.

Wake the fuck up, brothers and sisters. Life is what you make of it with the resources at your disposal. It's (mostly) entirely up to you what you do with it.

Jason't post points out some shit you need to know about the world you live in. The closing comment is important to consider. I don't think you have to lie, you have to tell the TRVTH. In a way that expresses the TRVTH to people in their language, vocabulary, taxonomy. Are you a brilliant artist with an understanding of complex marketing and design techniques? You could make a lot of money with that, if you could convince the hiring managers of that fact. You need to put it to them in language they understand, the same way you have to phrase your statement of intent in terms incarnate Archangels with little understanding of the viscera of human existence to get what you want. Jason's got a friend who will vouch for your ability and skill set in a way that presents the TRVTH in terms the HR rats can comprehend.

It's time to live by your wits, ladies and gentlemen. It's always been that time, but maybe the "New Normal" will provide sufficient catalyst to initiate the natural achemical reaction.