Friday, September 28, 2012

Crucible Cometh! 7 Days

I have a nice generic topic for my presentation at Crucible this year. "Angels and Demons and Magicians (oh my!)" I kept it at that level because that about covers everything I could talk about. I can zero in on any one particular aspect, or keep it at a high level.

I haven't decided what to talk about specifically, though. 

There are the Angels, and their legions, and the forces they represent. The inner fires and how they relate to the planetary forces, the creation and maintenance of the Body of Light, Soul Travel, and Ascension.

And there are the demons, of course. It's nice that they're back in the RO repertoire of spirits to conjure and work with. Everyone loves to talk about demons, right? Especially Bune, because, well, duh... Teh Moniez! 

And then there's Babalon. I could talk about Her and the Beast for hours, and she'd love it. Love it. Sex magic, impetuosity, right action, getting laid to do the Work. Much better than doing the Work to get laid, imho. 

I'd like to talk about something bigger though. Something that puts all this shit in its proper place, its proper perspective. Something amazing. Something simple. Something that you already do sometimes. Something you already know, but maybe haven't figured out how to use. It's there in Agrippa, and it's there in the Picatrix. It's a simple thing, so simple, and yet so profound. 

And it's The Key to Magic. All magic. All of it. The kind that visibly manifests entities in your neighbor's garage, the kind that brings the ideal job at twice the required salary, the kind that manifests incredible sex. The kind that puts you in the company of the gods, where you can talk policy.

It took me years to get to a point where I can understand what I'm talking about, and I'm not entirely convinced I'm ready to try to put it into words. Long time friends have suggested I've found a new drug, and though its effects are pretty similar to being high and blissed out, it's not the effect of any added chemicals that has me tripping so hard. Something's changed. And I know what it was. I can pinpoint the moment, the exact moment my life changed, and I found the answer.

And I've got to say it, to put it in the best words I can find, the closest match, and drive the meaning itself through those symbols by the force of my Will. 

And yes, Angels and Demons and Magicians... Theurgy, Goety, Sex, and Money. Hermetic Hijinks on the Emerald Road.

Yes, that's exactly what it's all about. 

Join me in Jersey, I'm on at about 8:45 PM - 10:15 PM, after Jason and before Andrieh. (Thanks Arthur, perfect!)