Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hangin' with Hermes

Last night we did a rite to Hermes in his hour on his day, and we didn't really ask for much of anything, besides deeper understanding and integration of the forces of his sphere in our lives. The seer saw a single image, nothing moving or pulsing, just a steady image that was full of power. There were no apparitions of angels or gods, there were no words of teaching, warning, admonition or praise.

There was simply the presence of the Intelligence and Deity of the Sphere of Mercury, radiating out into the room, into our spheres.

Today I am Mercurially recharged, focused on accomplishing tasks I've let fall to the back burner due to lack of time, energy, or interest. And boy, did I need it after that last retrograde. Words, logic, rhetoric, they flow again where before was a dry stream. It feels wonderful.

We don't always have to ask for things or events or effects or results from our invisible friends to receive exactly the things we need the most. Sometimes just hanging out with the gods is enough.

The rite is simple, the declaration of sacred space, the establishment of the light of the First Father, the consecration of the scrying medium, the conjuration of the planetary Intelligence, and the recitation of the planetary Orphic Hymn, and then simple rest and observation.

I can't recommend it enough.