Sunday, March 17, 2013

Responsibility and Fault

Jason and I have talked offline about some of the concerns he has with me telling people that they are gods, and are in control of the manifestation of their realities. I didn't really appreciate some of his concerns until yesterday.

I had posted a "Don't Rape, Don't let Others Rape" post on FB for St. Paddy's day, and a friend posted about how teachings like The Secret end up convincing people that everything that happens to them is their own fault. "You got raped? Oh, that was because part of you consented, that is, you wanted to be raped. You were asking for it, and so therefore, your rape is your fault."

I nearly shat myself. All of a sudden, I understood part of what Jason's concern was when he said people do not literally create their own existence all the time, that they are not gods. We magnify everyfucking thing when we blame ourselves.

So let's get something straight about the core of Hermetic Doctrine:
  1. We are all gods with the power to create and maintain our worlds. 
  2. We all have the power to influence (if not fully control) every aspect of our existence through applied hermetic magic.
  3. Through little fault of our own, we have forgotten this fact. In our amnesiac state, we view the world as an ongoing series of stimuli to which we react. In reality, it should be more like 50/50, where we are creating our world and leaving it room to throw us some curve balls so we can keep enjoying the game.
  4. Hermetic Magic is how we remember:
    1. Who we are
    2. Why we're here
    3. How to be gods
  5. SHIT HAPPENS. And it's not your fault. Most of your life you responded and reacted. You still do. I still do. Do Hermetic magic like I do, and you'll create maybe 10% of the time and react the other 90% of the time. But if you create 10% of the time, the other 90% will be mostly positive. Mostly. But shit still happens that is not your fault. You're a creator god among 7 billion creator gods. The only thing that makes you even a little bit special is that you're interested in creating your world. You're still reacting to other people's stuff most of the time that is beyond your current sphere of control.
OK? You understand that, right? There's no blame in this creator-god stuff. There's only opportunity. Whatever happened, why-ever it happened, who cares, it doesn't really matter, honestly. What you've got to do today is a simple matter of who you are, what you want, and the resources you've got at your fingertips. That's it.

When you're happy, if you're interested, you can go back over the shit that makes you sad. You will have plenty of time, and the experience and perspective to understand it in the context of a joyful existence, after you get one. All the bad shit makes sense when you're happy. Get happy, and then worry about stuff. It'll be there to think about later if it's a big deal, and when you're slightly tipsy and just had a brilliant orgasm, your bad relationship choices in your 20s (and 30s) don't really seem to be that big of a deal.

Because they aren't. Shit happens. That's not your fault.

How you react to the shit, that's up to you, largely. What you do with what you have to work with. That is your kingdom. Manage that, take responsibility for that, and you'll soon see the things you control growing, and the things you don't just fading away. Seek first the kingdom. Seek first.

And again: It's not your fault that you fucked up when you didn't know any better. Try again and see how you do this time. If it's not perfect, try again. There's no blame in this shit. There's no fault. There's only FATE, and that is always what you do. Which is your choice, from what we can tell.