Thursday, May 08, 2014

8:00 PM Eastern: RO in a Guest Spot on Indigo Children Radio!

I've been working on getting on Indigo Children Radio for about a year now, since the host pinged me on FaceBook and asked if I'd like to do a spot. I got swamped and things have been hectic as shit lately, but I've got a one-night interlude between balls to the wall living large, and we're taking advantage of the rare break in my schedule to get this done.

The main topic, as usual, is Hermetics. We'll be sketching out the basics a bit for context, but then we'll move on to the more fun stuff for advanced users.

I'll be pimpin' the Holy Guardian Angel book, and an upcoming course/book combo I've got in the works with Nephilim Press, but mostly I just want to talk about Applied Hermetics, taking this shit we do and making it work for our greater pleasure. Practice preachin' the Hermetic Word, getting the message out the way it needs to be.

Check it out tonight live at 8:00 PM Eastern here at their channel on YouTube, or you can catch it later on replay.

Sorry for the short notice, but hey, shit happens.

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