Friday, September 05, 2014

Visible College Autumn Festival Coming Soon

If you're in the UK and you've not yet had a chance to go, jump on the chance to hang out with Sef Salem, Gordon White, Jake Stratton-Kent, and many other amazing occultists. They're putting on some incredible shit over at the Visible College. I'm really glad to see Sef making things jump.

Sigh, I really want to have scotch with those guys, and seeing a Dueling Necromancer presentation ... I mean, just... what more could you ask for?

But wait!

It's going to be recorded and available for digital download!

Digital scotch isn't as nice, but still, I'm down for it. Maybe we can set something up local at the lodge and have streaming parties, with booze and cheese. And thin shaved pieces of meats.

Ye-esss. I'm digging this plan a lot.

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