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Working with Spirit Pots

Hey-O! Your friendly neighborhood Hermetic mage Rufus Opus here!

Disclaimer: They Aren't Really "Spirit Pots"

Before going any further with this spirit pot thing, I'm going to tell the origin story of spirit pots for the massive amounts of readers I've attracted lately who weren't here for the first part of my Work when I was going through all this in the first place.

I was on the Solomonic yahoo group talking about Solomonic and other types of grimoire magic with Aaron Leitch, Jake Stratton Kent, Brother Moloch, Zadkiel, Joe Peterson, and a bunch of other people who are noteworthy and should be paid attention to. Aaron and Jake were talking about the relationship of the ATRs and Solomonic magic, and Aaron suggested that a spirit pot would be an interesting way to work with a spirit of, say, for example, the Lemegeton's Goetia. He drew analogies between the brass vessel of the Lesser Key's Goetia and the spirit pot of Palo. And I was like, wow, what a great idea! So I did it, and it worked great.

So please understand, I am not saying this is an authentic Palo Spirit Pot. I am not saying this is how the authentic grimoire magicians actually worked with their spirits. I am not saying the brass vessel of the Lesser Key is actually a spirit pot like the ones I'm talking about here. These are simply spirit pots that are pots with spirits in it along with stuff that is traditionally associated with the same sphere as the spirits are associated with. I say that hoping to stave off "that guy," but I suspect that, like one of the more recent posts, I will again attract "that guy" anyway. I don't really care, it's kind of fun to argue with the unenlightened. I can totally pass it off as Projection of the Stone.*

Ok, so the disclaimer is out of the way, and you folks who skimmed it are probably here already, before I even finished writing it.

Working with the "Not Really Spirit Pots:" Conjuration

The first thing you'll have to do after combining the ingredients in the pot (herbs ruled by the planet, use Agrippa, some dirt from your yard, and the Seal of the Spirit, preferably in the appropriate metal of the planet the spirit is associated with, but also paper works; see my Modern Goetic Grimoire for deets if you don't have them, or for free) is conjure the spirit.

I recommend creating a real life Magic Circle at least one time before beginning this kind of Work. It does things to you, man. Awesome things. Make the one from the Lesser Key's Goetia. It will teach you everything you need to know about the world you are a part of that you should have learned from Agrippa's Scale of the Number 10.

Also, it helps to have K&CHGA. It's not that hard, but it can take a while. Totally worth it.

I'm also digging being an ordained Priest in a lineage that (possibly) goes back to Jesus Christ his own self. I got the power to make things holy by blessing them, even demons. Mwahahahahaha...**

(Thanks Jason and Shawn!)

I use a modification of the Trithemian Art of Drawing Spirits into Chrystals, which is in my Modern Goetic Grimoire, to conjure the spirit. If you want to use this method, I think it's awesome and easy, and useful. It's not traditional and it might kill you.*** If it does, it's not my fault. You can use whatever suits you, if you don't like that particular approach, but again, if you do any of this magic, it's not safe. It might very well change your life, and people, that is dangerous.

Magic, she works.

So be warned, when this stuff kicks in and you're like, wow, just ... wow...

It's not my fault.

So you conjure the spirit. You invite it to live in the pot and work with you from that pot, making it a viable, living talisman, a physical manifestation of that spirit on the material plane. When it approves, you mention you want it to play nice and be a good dude. You constrain it to not harm anyone or anything. You bless its actions and its purpose and its intention. You thank it. You treat it like a guest.

You say at the end, "As you came in peace, so now remain in power."

Think about that before you say it out loud. Make sure you can handle that shit.

After the Conjuration

Now that your spirit pot is live, you'll want to use it right away I'm sure. You'll need to master two things:

  • Clean and clear statements of intent
  • Appropriate Offerings

Everyone I've ever talked to about working with the spirits of the Lesser Key has come away with lessons about being specific in your statements of intent. At a recent talk (MNCON) the thing that the experienced conjurors could all agree on was that working with these spirits is a lesson in loopholes. You learn quickly how you can get everything you ask for, and nothing you want.

Working with these spirits is a bit of ... well, work. They are not human. They have a different set of senses, experiences, values, goals, and senses of humor. They need guidance, training, and a firm hand. They will take advantage of you as long as you let them, but over time you'll learn what works with them the best. Give them lots of offerings, at first, and see how they manifest things. Then sharpen you statement of intent skills, develop the laser focus. And ration the offerings, the way you train animals.

They aren't animals, by any means, and I hope this doesn't come across like I'm saying you should act in any way other than respectful of entities that have been around millenia longer than you have been, who will be here much longer after you're dust. I'm just saying, humans are a part of the celestial hierarchy, same as the Archangels and the Demons, according to Hermetic teachings, and you've got to accept your role as Ishim in the flesh, straddle the heavens and the hells, and direct your legions of spirits...

Like a boss.

Just remember, you're in training too. These guys are awesome, powerful, mischievous, and smarter than you. They will work with you to make you skillful in your mastery of your kingdom if you're not a fool. Listen to them when they offer advice, as you get used to them.

Be measured, don't do "whatever the demon says" because that's stupid. Do, however, learn to listen to them and learn from them. It will pay off quickly.

Practical Stuff

How to make offerings and requests, the 10,000 foot view

  • Four candles placed around the spirit pot, anointed/sanctified in some way (abramelin oil, holy water, florida water, prayer)
  • A shot of something can be fun too, whisky, wine, vodka, whatever you feel is appropriate for the spirit; optional
  • Clear statement of intent ready before you go
  • Say "[Spirit name], hear me and accomplish the desires I bring you, without tricks or deception. Bring me specifically what I desire. Manifest for me in the material world [statement of intent] with no harm or damage to any one. Make me aware of the opprtunities in ways that even I cannot mistake or miss. Receive this offering to make it so."
  • Light the candles.
  • Anoint the seal or pot with the shot, if you have one.

You're done.

If you don't get what you asked for in two weeks, don't rush into blaming the spirit or yourself. Go back and think about what you asked for, and whether you missed any opportunities. Think of another way to say it. Craft your statement of intent carefully, and make the offerings contingent on the success.

Also, take small steps at first, with little risk. The greater the change you request, the more opportunity you're creating for things to go wrong. A series of small steps is much more likely to be successively successful than one huge massive change, and it will give you time to adjust, adapt, and learn what works best with the spirit you have in your pot.

Keep your requests simple enough that they can manifest through natural means, in ways that aren't necessarily obvious that something amazing is going on in your life. Be strategic. Re-read Jason Miller's Strategic Sorcery if you haven't in a while.

Keep a record of your requests and your results, especially as you get to know the spirit and how it works so you can see what works and what doesn't. Review it, because no mater what you think, you will forget something it said, or you thought, or you said, or it thought along the way, and you'll really appreciate it later if you write it down now.

Have Fun

So I made a sort of big to do about the potential dangers of this stuff, but remember, there's nothing you (or anyone else for that matter) can do with magic that cannot be undone with magic. You can't break anything, you can only make new opportunities to do more magic. Everything is an experience, even unto the very brief moments you spend breathing air on the planet in each incarnation. Don't panic. Have fun.

* Me to the unenlightened, Projecting the Stone into their lives: "You're fucking stupid!"

** Or at least I think I do... Mwahahahahahahaha!

*** I'm fine after 8 years of doing this kind of thing, doubt it will kill you, but it might make life interesting.

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