Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Time Scale?

I explained how I look at my role as a magician to someone the other day, and they said they had never seen a magician with the same perspective I have on time. I thought I was on the same page as every other magician.

Where does our authority as magicians come from? Have you ever wondered?

I've been saying for years that I am a manifestation of the LOGOS, and as such, have a place of authority over the spirits of the physical and spiritual planes. I was wrong.

In the Corpus Hermeticum, in the Divine Pymander chapter, Man is not the Logos. Man is created by the First Father, the Prime Mover, completely like itself. Man meets and is loved by all the seven planetary governors, and breaks through into the manifest realm to see what's going on there. He sees his own reflection, and falls in love with it. He enters a form shaped by Nature out of love for Man, and is therefore of two natures, immortal and mortal for the sake of Love.

So Man isn't the Logos. He's just the image and companion of the First Father. Interesting! Man still has the love and authority of the seven governors, and the Logos, but it's because we are the image of the First Father that we have any authority over the spirits.

It doesn't change anything functionally, but it does open new doors for exploration.

So my authority over spirits as a magician comes directly from my original creation and the relationship formed between myself and the Seven Governors, the Logos, and all their minions at the dawn of time. I was created to be a companion to God, to be his reflection, and I'm only here in this realm of Nature out of love, because I see my Father in his Works.

Where does yours come from? I know not everyone operates on the Christian Neo-platonic scale, but isn't your basis for being able to perform magic grounded in eternity? Is my time line so different than everyone else's?

I'm going to be asking my postmodernist friends about their perspectives on this, to see if it helps me understand something I'm missing.