Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Found some Time

I managed to free up some major bandwidth the other day. For the last three years I've been a member of a yahoo group called "RealMagick". For the last year or so, I've moderated it at the request of the owner. Last week, a couple of trolls popped up and I handled them, but then the list devolved into a long series of character assasinations and other stupidity.

I realized that I'm spending no time developing the things I want to develop, and still spending time trying to get people who have little interest in learning true magic stay on topic. So I quit. It's been amazing how much bandwidth that freed up. I was getting between 20-80 inane emails a day, worrying about people's mutual respect, and trying to get the topic of conversation to somehow be related to magic.

The final strawwas when the people that consistently posted on topic had their characters assasinated by the people who don't. I figured out that the real problem was that people who know about magic aren't really liked by the people who pretend to want to know about magic. They pretend to respect us, they pretend to have an interest in what we're saying, but when it comes to questions like, "Have yuo started performing Samekh yet?" the answer is always "No, because..." Likewise, "Have you conjured ANY spirits yet?" or "Have you read that chapter of Agrippa I referenced that is the source for the book you're talking about?" or "Did you follow up on the tips so and so gave you?"

Fools. Most of my angst with the magical community comes from being surrounded by fools. I had hoped to teach them bout magic, had hoped to at least provide a forum where they could express their thoughts and questions about magic, but primarily they are only interested in yelling at one another and playing "My dick's bigger than yours." And that's a game women play as readily  as men on the message boards, believe you me.

So enough with the groups. There are a couple I will maintain a membership in, those that discuss magic, or at least consist of my social network of magicians, but all the large groups can bite my ass. Much more time for blogging and book writing now. And course REDEVELOPMENT because I STILL haven't found my motherfucking thumb drive. I'm annoyed about that.