Monday, March 16, 2009

Planetary Tinctures

So the subject comes up on a list today, you can make planetary tinctures using radionics. I've actually been working on something like that using the Initiation into Hermetics technique of quenching red-hot gold in holy water to create a fluid condenser, then placing that over the LED in The Box with the appropriate spirit conjured and their Seal on the 'trodes.

But what good is this planetary-charged fluid condenser? I mean, I can get some powerful vibes off the charged water using this technique, but... so what? I mean, I can put a vial of Venus water in Bune's Spirit Pot. I can baptise candles for planetary magic. I can anoint my forehead for explorative mediations in the Seven Heavens. I can use it to Lube the Merkavah Chariot, or at least water the horses...

But big deal, you know? I already have seven planetary talismans that knock your socks off on my altar. It's not like I make a lot of hocus-pocus stuff for people to use in their every day life. I have a planetary power generator, and it seems like it would be just AWESOME... if I could only think of something to use it for.

Anyone wanna buy some Planetary Tinctures? Low low rates. :D

Or if you have any ideas for how this kind of thing might be used that I haven't thought of, let me know. I'm thinking I could put them in mojo bags (I can put the charged water in these little brown glass vials), but again, what good would that do? I really don't want a ton of mojo bags in my house.