Friday, June 04, 2010

On Piracy

Piracy may, as Gordon says, be a driving force of goodness and innovation. In general. And that's fine. But it sucks to be kidnapped, murdered, robbed, and pillaged, and it always has. That's why piracy is illegal.

Copyright laws are structured so that you can't steal a work for roughly the amount of time that it takes for a piece of information to become stale. That's fair.

All my works are covered under a thick and noxious cloud of curses aimed at any would-be pirateers. Anyone pirating my shit is cursed and will remain so until they click the restitution button over on the right.

Think of it as the merchant vessel bearing arms for its defense.

Note: the curses are specifically triggered by anyone uploading my work to a torrent. If you don't do that, you're fine. That means gifting them around to a few select friends is acceptable, within reason. I'd rather you didn't give them to your coven or lodge without, you know, asking me. I have given my permission for that kind of thing in the past. I'll even make myself available to answer questions about the stuff. Low low rates.

But steal my shit, and you're in for it.