Monday, October 18, 2010

Oh... God... Yesssss....

Man, it is fucking GREAT to be doing magic again!

Hoo-ah! Ha.

I've spent the last few months mostly stuck in an astral temple. Over the last couple of weeks, I've buckled down and started getting my shit together, rebuilding my altar talisman collection, putting my weapons together, and getting my ass in gear. Well, getting the gears installed so I can at least ... uh, no, no gears installed in my ass... uhm.

Look, I made some magic stuff so I can start doing magic again, and it's going great! That's what I mean

On one of the lists, there was some conversation about the substance vs. intent, and we all agreed that it's more than just those two pieces, and you can't lean too much on any particular side, and I might visit the topic in a blog post eventually, but I can definitely say, having the talismans makes a difference in the sphere of the magician who makes them. Substance adds substance. Form brings coalescence. It's an Important Thing.

So anyway, I had someone get in touch with me today looking for some magical work on their behalf, and it went super good so far. Getting back into magic again feels good. It's like having your shoulders pop after you start working out again after taking a break. And man, the power! I forgot what it feels like, it's been so long. What a fucking rush.