Monday, January 03, 2011

Tips and Tricks: New Moon, New Mercury

Hey folks, with Mercury going direct, but slow, and the Moon being Brand new, and you know, consequently a little stiff, I thought I'd offer some tips and tricks for this kind of weather.

New Mercurial projects should be planned to begin when he's fully back up to speed, and to be winding down right before he starts slowing down for the next retrograde. Plan it out now, begin to turn your thoughts on the project into an outline, a structured plan, and start filling in the details as he picks up speed. Launch the project when he reaches full speed (January 18th, 2011) and Work it into being between now and early March. Try to schedule the plan to wrap up by 3/15/2011, the last day he's at full speed, or sooner. Things usually take longer than we plan, so leave some wiggle room. After he starts slowing down on March 16th, you should be cleaning up any left over loose ends and getting ready to go "within" to get new ideas for the next cycle.

In business terms, now's a good time to be planning out a short term project that you can launch after the 18th, get done by March 15th, and reap the rewards going forward. In book writing terms, outline now, write up the bulk of the work between now and 3/15/2011, and then do the proofreading and editing while he's retrograde. Then publish when he goes direct, and expect the income to start flying in when he gets going full speed. In healing terms, diagnose now, treat when he's at full speed, and reassess when things are slowing down.

Conjuring Raphael now can be tricky, but I've never had any major difficulties with it. The talisman I use as a "lamen" was created when he was well-aspected, and we've got a good relationship built up. That helps a lot. I'm in the beginning stages of some Work that will be benefited by the help of a minor Mercurial spirit...

Hell, it's easier to just say it. I'm conjuring Raphael and requesting a minor spirit to assist with a "love spell"* for some clients this Wednesday,  and I'll work with this spirit in tying together the strands from the other spheres. As Mercury picks up speed, the minor spirit will be all over the place making sure the strands are woven together as planned and the clients get what they need. I've already begun the prep work, the divinations, and I've started roughing out the plan for each individual's specific needs.**

And that dovetails nicely into New Moon Magic. the recent eclipse revealed some interesting things. Chris Warnock pointed out the light is blocked physically, and that's a physical metaphor for what's going on magically. The absence of light. It sparked some thoughts that led to some interesting conversations with the Lunar Intelligences.

Where the Light reflected off the Moon goes is a good indication of what can be done well magically with things under the influence of the Moon. As the light she reflects wanes, it doesn't decrease at all. The same amount of light is being sent elsewhere, upward through the higher spheres when the Moon is waning and new. When she turns her face to the higher heavens, I turn my face there as well, and most of my magic is spent on exploring the upper spheres. As she turns her gaze downwards to the Earth, I work my manifestation magic.***

The Moon, being the last sphere before things manifest on the way down, rules the outermost shape and form of things in the material realm. By the time an Idea that you're bringing into fruition reaches the Lunar Sphere, all that's left to apply is the outer layer. Based on the Work you've done in other spheres, it will have some natural tendencies towards taking shape here below. A primarily Martial Working will take on a Martial form in the Moon, for example.

When the Moon is New, her light is completely focused Above. This is the time that you too should be focused completely above. Tonight is the night to open an astral portal to the Sphere of the Moon, ascend to the highest heavens, and lay out your plan Above. As she turns towards the Earth, the things you've seeded Above will begin to take shape.

Tonight I'll be working through the spheres on the projects I have for my clients. I'll be traveling and conversing with the Intelligences, and getting my ducks in a row. I'll get details on each client's needs and the influences that have led to their current circumstances. I've got several projects on my plate, including a business-luck talisman for a client in the Philippines that I'm Working on as well. As the Moon is fully powered towards the Above, I'll be using its forces to get me to the highest heights for each project.

As you can imagine, my handy dandy note book is a key magical tool when I'm doing this much. Organization skills are necessary when you're planning and plotting out your life and the lives of others.

As she waxes, the things I've got planned will begin to manifest here below. The Mercurial spirit assistant will have access to the forces hitting the material realm through the sphere of the Moon, and will be able to oversee the manifestation process nicely for me (and my clients). We all work together as a team, in harmony with the forces above to accomplish our goals below.

So, in summary: Plan out your Mercurial rites now, and take advantage of the New Moon to explore the highest heavens. As they progress through their individual cycles, take advantage of it, but make sure you also don't get sucked out into the undertow when they progress through the rest of their cycles. Don't tie your manifestation process so tightly to the Moon or Mercury that when they wane or go retrograde everything falls apart. Plan smart, and enjoy the results.

*Note: RO love spells are not your typical love spells, and you probably won't like what I have to say to you when you ask for help. Just sayin'.

**Note 2: If you want in on this, let me know, I can sqeeze in a couple more. Not too many more, but, you know, a couple. It's not a one-spell-fits-all kind of thing, but there's still a little bandwidth available. Select the Relationship Engineering Consult option from the drop down list and I'll run a divination to see if you're one of the people I can help with this.

*** Note 3: I'm talking in "general guideline" language here. There's a puerile myth that being in tune with astrological weather equates to being bound to the fates, limited in what you can do. That's just not how it works. I have lots of mitigating talismans that allow me to do whatever I like, whenever I feel like it, and I do so as appropriate. The results are always influenced by the astrological weather, but proper preparation offsets negatives, most of the time. It's like going to the grocery store when you need food, you go whether it's raining or not. If it's raining, your bags will be wet when you unload them, that's all. The advice I'm giving is just, you know, tips and tricks to tap into forces that are at play. The universe is universing, it might as well universe for you.

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  1. It's nice that Mercury isn't retrograde, but he is still super afflicted because he is in detriment. Of course there is the question of whether or not Mercury has all pervasive influence regardless of one's individual chart or other more selective factors. In other words, how come the Internet didn't shut down or every single person in the world didn't have problems with Mercury retrograde?

    This is the problem with astrology, it's hard to use little bits and pieces of the complete traditional system.


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