Monday, February 21, 2011

Different Strokes

All your magic are belong to us!

Over the years we've known each other, there's one thing I do that really gets on Jason's nerves. When I talk about magic, I tend to use language that makes it look like I'm talking about all of magic, every bit of it practiced here, there, or anywhere on the Earth for all time.

I assure you, I'm way too enlightened for that. I know different systems get results, and different approaches work better under different circumstances. The problem is when I think about magic in general, I tend to think only within the boundaries of what I do when I do magic, and that's your basic Hermetic Conjure, and the effects of that. When I get excited and the passion flows, I can make bold statements about magic in general, and really only be referring to Hermetic Conjure magic as I've experienced it specifically.

It happens.

The way I see it, we magicians of various traditions are all called to the occult practices. We're called in languages and symbols that we can understand and work with to unlock the secrets of existence and to find and fulfill our reason for being here. It's all very personal. The language and symbol set I work with is Hermetics, because it's what I believe best explains the universe. To me. There's no system I've found that works better. Again, for me. I'm content within this system because it is complete - that is, it provides everything I need to be spiritually and physically fulfilled.

The reason I get into the "my kung fu is better than yours" is because for too long people have tried to add things to Hermetics instead of finding the things that are already there, things that open specific gateways and advance the Work. You get rid of some of the more modern accumulations in Hermetics, and you find that there's a path to becoming a Power, and that there are specific initiatory rites that transform you into this entity. In the process of transformation, I've found that a lot of the things that are sought in the Eastern traditions by modern magicians can be found in Hermetics. In fact, everything I wanted when I got into magic is right here in Hermetics, and a lot of stuff I pursued along the way was just a waste of time, and I'm bitter about that. I gots issues, man.

So if I talk about it, and get excited, and speak, on occasion, as if what I'm saying is true for everyone everywhere no matter what, remember that I know that's not necessarily true. It's just my experience, my preference, my thing. Your thing is your thing, and I hope you read my blog and take from my experiences whatever brings you further along in your pursuit of the Work, however you were called to it.