Monday, February 28, 2011

Oh, and did I mention...

Another thing on the EOGD schism thing...

You KNOW both sides are going to call down terrible curses on both sides, right? No matter who you side with, you will be cursed just for being on one side or the other, if you've got the misfortune of being involved.

Regardless of your grade in the EOGD, chances are pretty good that Zink hasn't trained you in lifting curses, especially the kind he's fond of. I've run into them on a number of occasions. Remember, he prefers poppet magic. His personal curses generally manifest in Venusian/Netzachian ways because he prefers the paths of Natural Magic when he really does magic. The uncrossing rites of hoodoo are particularly effective on his stuff.

Also, look for the manifestation of Peh in your general sphere, the Lightning Struck Tower. Cognitive dissonance, lack of focus, inability to think about anything magical for long, forgetting things you've known for years are symptoms of this influence. Transmute it through the forces of Samekh, meditations on the Temperance card of the Tarot, and conjurations of Michael the Archangel will help with this. So will conjurations of the Genius.

The rebel lieutenants are likely to curse Zink and his efforts, so even those loyal to Zink's EOGD will be under crossed conditions. I don't know what they're tossing about, but expect it to be similar in essence to the kinds of things Mathers and Crowley went through. Watch your plants and pets for signs of curses, and pay attention to your dreams. Cleanse, banish, strengthen your filters. Apo apo kakodaimones is an excellent way to cleanse the air quickly, allowing you to focus on more potent methods of breaking this kind of thing.

And did I mention I break curses, hexes, and other "crossed conditions"? Low low rates! War is hell, but it's good for business!