Sunday, June 19, 2011

Magic: The Great Savior! Part 2

You know all that stuff in the last post I wrote? It's all true.

That said, magic is our savior, and not just in the long term. It doesn't fix everything all at once, once and for all. It's cumulative and it can take a couple weeks or more to start seeing the effects, but still, if your life is ALL FUCKED UP, then honestly, you really do need to DO SOME MAGIC.

Contemplation of your source puts things into perspective. Once you've got that, turn your gaze to your life and all the shit and start fixing it. Come up with the plan, and put it into action. What powers of the spheres do you need? Get them! Get yourself a spirit from each and put them to work on your behalf! Do it! Do the Magic!

And you never know, sometimes you just might get an instant result that really does fix everything that's bugging the shit out of you. You're guaranteed not to get anything if you don't do something.