Thursday, January 05, 2012

Transform this decayed form... to MUMRA! The EVER-LIVING!!!

As I prepare for tonight's Jupiter rite (3 minutes and counting), I can't get that Mumra thing out of my head.

Without the "Evil" part, and without nearly as much maniacal laughter afterwards, that's how I feel when I conjure up my HGA before doing the rites.


  1. Do you do the little laugh at the end?

  2. tehe, I was just watching the new thundercats and I was thinking about how to re-write his little script.

  3. You sure your HGA isn't Mumra? I think he gets a little kick out of this line in the invocation..

    "Ancient Spirits of Eviiilll..."


  4. MUMRA!!! I used to love that guy! The Thundercats were definitely an unusually exciting part of my childhood!

  5. @Patrick, sometimes it just slips out.

  6. Slips out, eh?

    Bullshit. I hear noise that out here in the Illinois hinterlands.


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