Thursday, March 01, 2012

The Favor of Kings

A lot of people go around the world feeling like ... well, I don't know, small. Insignificant. Afraid. Worthless. Unwanted, superfluous, an extra in the play of life that no one notices until they trip and screw up the lead's blocking.

It strikes all of us at some point, but knowing that everyone else feels small and insignifcant and afraid sometimes doesn't really make it any easier to live with when it's happening to you personally. In fact, I'm pretty sure it makes it worse.

Magicians throughout time and space have had to suffer this feeling, and at some point, one of them did something about it. Or maybe everyone eventually does something about it when they realize they can. I don't know. Whatever happened, we have the Favor of Kings, and it's pretty fucking sweet.

I first ran across it in my Demon Magic time. There, nestled in the attributes of Eligor, Orobas, Orias and Belial, I found spirits who brought the Love of Lords and Great People, and who brought the favour of friends and foes. Favor. Love. It means, quite simply, that these spirits can make the people in power, the people in your life like you, really like you. When people like you, they make ways for you to succeed. They help, they give money, they give time, they set up interviews with their bosses for you. And when the King likes you, everyone else has to at least pretend to like you, so it's a win-win, pretty much.

I've seen it in other places since then. I've found methods of accomplishing this result in my Work in all the spheres, with all the angels. Saturn makes you wise, and can put you in positions of influence with powerful people. Jupiter makes you Kingly yourself, and people like hanging out with Kingly types who are quick to laugh healthy, hearty laughs. Mars establishes you as a key person on any team with targeted goals. The Sun just fucking crowns you the Golden Child, makes you shining and brilliant, and people flock to you. Venus makes you inspirational. Mercury makes you eloquent. The Moon teaches you the ways of the Glamour.

And I tell you brothers and sisters, it feels good to be liked. It helps you get ahead in life when powerful people like you.

I've been busy at work lately. My contract was cancelled, and they benched me. That means they pay you from the overhead pile of cash until they find other work for you to do that's billable. If they can't find anything for you quickly, they fire you. So I've been relying on the Favor of Kings a lot lately. I got punted to a couple writing projects that were desperate, and I blew everyone away with my mad skills. I think my boss has kept my skills her little secret. Today during a boring meeting with a project manager in Atlanta, it slipped that I'm famous in DC, Atlanta, and my own Baltimore office among the management. There's nothing they've thrown at me that I haven't been able to handle like a boss. And I don't think I've done anything all that spectacular.

So find a way to tap into that. Conjure the archangel of your favorite planet, the one that rules your Sun sign is a good start if you can't think of any that you'd like to work with, and ask them to bless you with the Favor of Kings. Make yourself a talisman in the right hour, and ask them to bless it, and carry it around with you. You'll quickly find that people like you, for no apparent reason.

It's exactly like that feeling you get when you feel insignificant for no particular reason, but completely opposite. And totally worth the time it takes.