Monday, September 22, 2008

Red Stone

A friend of mine started a yahoo group years ago, invited a few friends, and set up a place where we could all get together and compare alchemical notes. Planetary magic, the Great Work, etc. Everything you'd expect to find at a group called "Red Stone."

Well, no one really did much with it. I blame Jupiter.

I had talked about starting my own group where we could talk practical applications of the Great Work rather than magical theology and doctrine. But that's exactly what the good Frater intended Red Stone to be, and it's already there.


Click here, and join the group, and we'll all start chatting.


  1. Is there really an need for another list besides Ritual Magic etc.?

  2. Yes yes! I really need to stop watching Wubzy. Anyway, yes! There are scads of magicians that aren't into the fuddy-duddyisms of R_M. Plus there are a few that I got to know from other lists that I miss. So if I miss you, then you can join Ritual_magic or Red Stone.

    If I don't miss you, don't bother. ;)

  3. LOL! Beth loves WOW! WOW! Wubzy!

    I will stick with the fuddy duddys at RM thanks. I'll "sit with your elders" while you go off and play with the kids :) Just keep that music down to a dull roar out there thanks, us oldies have sensative ears ;)

    Love Kathy

  4. Kathy, I totally am Widget when it comes to my magical practice.

    "Try this Goetic Plaster Seal 3000!"

    "That wasn't supposed to happen!"

    "I can fix that, no problemo!"

    But in blogs and on boards I'm Walden, "Yes yes yes!"

    Hmmm... Wubbzy as the nephesh-Guf, Walden as the Ruach, and Widget as the Neschemah?


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