Saturday, September 06, 2008

Thar be Gold in them thar Grimoires, Arrrrrrr...

Pirate treasure hunters. For the duration of this post, ye do be pirates, arrr, and pirates searchin' fer the treasure hidden in them thar grimoires...

Abramelin, the Holy Guardian Angel, the Agatha Daimon, the Nativity Angel and Other Important Things that Must be Discussed

Prior to finding any gold, and really, I can't stress this enough, you need K&CHGA. You aren't going to get anywhere as a pirate without a ship, or a sea, or a map, and a magician without K&CHGA is exactly that. You aren't going to find the kind of success I have found without it.

I used Liber Samekh and the complete and total intention of conjuring my HGA. Every night, or every other night, I would sit on my couch, light some Abramelin Incense (from Soma Luna), anoint my forehead and temples with Abramelin Oil (also from Soma Luna), and I would perform Liber Samekh in my Body of Light.

In other words, I imagined a temple. I stood within it and performed an LBRP. I then performed Liber Samekh. When I got to the hard parts to remember, I cracked my eyes and read the printed rite, while trying my damnedest to keep the Temple and Body of Light in my mind's eye at the same time. After that I'd meditate a while, stilling my thoughts and waiting for some kind of response. Then I'd perform another LBRP and call it a night.

A couple of weeks into it, I met my HGA and we started hanging out formally. At that point, I got the spirit's name, and it agreed to come whenever I called it by name.

Now, you don't have to perform Liber Samekh to get K&CHGA. You can also contact your Nativity Angel, who can foster a relationship with your HGA. You can contact Agrippa's "Genius," which I believe Aaron Leitch equates with the Nativity Angel for the same purposes. You can acquire a Supernatural Assistant using the Greek Magical Papyri. You can go to a pentecostal worship service and get slain in the Spirit of God. You can perform the Abramelin rites (I would use the Dehn translation of the Book of Abramelin).

The point is to get in touch with the "Good Familiar" who has the authority to Speak For God into your life. I recommend reading through Bill Heidrick's "An Abramelin Ramble" a couple of times, reading Crowley's Notes on Liber Samekh, and reading the descriptions of the Good Daimons and Familiars in the Greek Magical Papyri. I believe the Dehn translation of the Book of Abramelin is a must-read for every modern magician who has been spoon-fed the concept of the HGA that we've inherited from the Golden Dawn and Aleister Crowley. Mather's Introduction to The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage is also required reading, in my opinion.

Take all these points of view together and look at the differences and similarities in the descriptions of the experiences. Get to know the authors of the work as best as you can. There are biographies of Agrippa, Eleazar of Worms, Crowley, and Mathers all over the place. Read through Heidrick's other stuff to get a grasp of how he writes and what he means when he puts phrases together in different contexts. Try to see where the authors were coming from in their presentation of their experiences with these entities.

When you do, you'll find that you have an inventory of reports that you can use to help understand your own experiences with the entity that has so many names. You'll be able to fill in the gaps that aren't apparent in the writings of these authors as you develop your relationship with this spirit. You'll be able to see what parts of Liber Samekh were just Crowley being Crowley, and what parts are effective techniques derived from thousands of years of practice.

The cool part is this info is all online. I've got links above to everything I've mentioned. The only thing not free is the Book of Abramelin. You should also get Tyson's modern translation of Agrippa's Three Books of Occult Philosophy and read it a chapter at a time. That's optional, but it teaches you more about magic than the rest of your occult library combined.

Goetia Gold

Now, assuming you've got that bit of business out of the way... You do be ready, arrr, for ye next steps.

Get ye the Map to the Treasure. I used the Lemegeton's Goetia. I went through the spirits and found one that brought riches to a man. Bune. That's good. He brought eloquence too, and I'm a writer by profession, and that makes sense to me. something about spirits on sepulchres. Ok, whatever. I needs me some riches and I needs me some good talkin', the rest is fer whatever, y'know?

I made a "Spirit Pot" based on Aaron Leitch's article at the Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition. I got a pot from Goodwill, brass, had a lid. I drew up the Seal Solomon used to bind the spirits in the vessel. I printed a Triangle of Art from a drawing on the Internet. I wrote out the stuff that was supposed to be on the side of the pot on thin strips of paper, licked them, and plastered them with spit to the side of the pot until I had a chance to get my dremel tool going and engrave it properly. I used 777 (that was a mistake, arrrr) to get some corresponding materials to line the pot with, herbs, associated "weapons", and I threw in some dirt and rocks from a local branch of my bank.

I threw it all together on a Thursday, lit some purple candles, and conjured Bune. I asked him to live in the pot. He was thrilled at the idea. I asked him to bring me riches in the amount of $7MUSD, and change. I drew up his seal with the prayer "Bring riches to the man [my name] in the amount of [an exact amount to the penny that I had come up with to cover the lifestyle I wanted based on the house, the cars, and the income I wanted left over after bills were paid]." I licked that and stuck it to a purple seven-day candle. When it burned out I wasn't rich yet, so I stuck it to another one.

A few months later, when that wasn't working, I tried just lighting anointed candles near his pot, and left the seal I'd been licking for months in the pot. It had started to taste pretty gross. Oddly enough, my health improved after that. Must have been magic, I'm sure.

So fast forward through several increasingly better jobs, a house, vehicles, and some Exorcisms and other sepulchre-related stuff to the present. A couple of weeks ago, I saw a statue I wanted to be able to buy. It would have cost $30,000. I was pissed that I couldn't just buy it, and also that for TWO YEARS almost, I had been dicking around with Bune, and there were months when the money I had left over after paying bills and everything was like $35. Sure, I had everything on the list I had made and shown Bune all that time ago. But I never got the lump sum amount that I needed to get set up for life.


So I turned to my left from the computer I work at, and there is my Spirit Pot housing Bune. "THIS! This is what I want, Bune," I said. "I want to so rich that I can see something that costs $30,000 and be able to BUY IT on the spur of the moment without it even DENTING my finances.

That was on a Friday. By the next Monday, I get an email from a relative with an awesome opportunity. It's going to take work and savvy to make this as profitable as possible, but not THAT much work. See the link for an explanation of the opportunity I got if you're interested.

That's my story, my advice, and my experience. This is what I would do if I were you:

  • Get K&CHGA
  • Read the Goetia and the Pseudomonarchia
  • Make a Spirit Pot
    • Fill the pot with the herbs and other items that are related to their assigned planet or attributes (Use Skinner's Complete Magician's Tables instead of 777)
    • Engrave the sides with the right words
    • Leave off the seal that binds them to the pot so they can get to work
  • Conjure the spirit and ask it to get in the pot
  • Develop a relationship with the spirit
  • Tell it you want it to bring you SO MUCH WEALTH that large purchases won't make a difference to your net financial worth
  • Watch for opportunities
  • Take risks to get rich only if the risks are not going to bankrupt you
That's it. The last line is just advice. Will this work for you? It should. There's no reason why it shouldn't, that's for sure.
And if it doesn't, feel free to contact me. AFTER you've tried it out on your own and have some informed questions to ask. Like, "I read the Goetia, do I HAVE to have all that shit?" Not like, "Can I have some money to buy all the stuff I need to do the work?"
And if you want me to pay me to do magic on your behalf because I'm SO successful... I'm totally going to refer you to other people. Like Jason Miller. He does work for people. I'm not up for it.
I'm leaving my blog up and intact. That comment I made about taking it down, publishing it, and selling the info to make even more money was just greed speaking. Refer to my archives, and learn from my experiences. I'm going to keep writing here too, even when I'm rich, because I'll be able to focus more on the Thaumaturgical stuff when I'm not worried about making the mortgage payments. That's the goal, anyway.


  1. Thank you for sharing your experience and your understanding of your HGA. Your inaugural methods are very similar to my present version. Soma Luna’s adaptation of Abramlelin incense does rock.

    After completing the Abramelin Operation back in 2003, I discovered meditation, incense, oil, and simple summoning helps me reunite with my Angel. Without my Angel, I’m pretty much going about in my magic, my overall life as a matter of fact, blind.

    I will do the summoning and ritual pot as you suggested in your blog. It sounds like worthwhile work. Thank you for offering that tidbit.

  2. Thank you very much for sharing this. Your work to establish a connection with your HGA is inspiring and surprisingly straight forward.

    I have been under the impression for some time that one would be *lucky* to even come close to approaching our HGA in a lifetime, and that I may never see it.

    Now I have some work to do...

  3. It is interesting how this is literally a "conversation".. that you didn't start to get what you really wanted until you clearly asked for it -- "Tell it you want it to bring you SO MUCH WEALTH that large purchases won't make a difference to your net financial worth".

  4. Do you really equate the HGA to the Paredros in the PGM?

    Is see them as quite different

  5. Mike: Abracadabra, I speak into existence, or something like that. Conversation seems to be the key.

    Jason: I do based on a couple of things. My HGA confirmed it, in terms of practicality. Both spirit classes are capable of performing the same duties. The HGA of the Dehn translation is much closer to the "Good Familiar" in the GMP than it is to Crowley's idea of a purely theurgic being.

    The being I work with stands with its wings in the highest heavens and its feet firmly on the ground. Its authority extends to the foundations of the lowest hell.

    Now, I could be wrong, I don't know for sure about all of this. I know what has worked for me, and what the spirits have told me. Spirits have a way of saying exactly the right thing, and yet being completely misunderstood by the person with whom they are speaking. I like to blame them for misunderstandings, but really it's usually the person's fault.

    Regardless, I am confident the "god" described in Acquiring a Supernatural Assistant is at least capable of facilitating a relationship with the HGA.

  6. @FraterRO so you got your K&CHGA by doing the rite in "Acquiring a Supernatural Assistant"? how did you obtain a falcon's head?


  7. TLG, no, read it again, this time don't just skim over the parts that don't look like they have info you want to hear. Seriously, I don't have time to answer questions that are in the post itself.


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