Monday, March 16, 2009

Cthulhu dropped by the other day...

I am the proud owner of a hand-made Susanne Illes original piece of signed art. The Cthulhu Plushie! She also sent me a bunch of other awesome stuff that arrived last Saturday. It is SO cool. The kids want to play with it, but I'm sorry, it's MY stuffie. Besides, they'll bend it and ruin the signature, and that thing's going to be worth beaucoup bucks some day. They have to keep their grimy little paws off it.


  1. You have to post a picture.

  2. For pictures, plese see the Artist's Blog site. It has some sketches she's done, and then she has front and back pictures of the plushy.

    My digital camera is annoyingly difficult to get pictures off of, and my office doesn't make for a very nice background at the moment. Totally trashed and chaotic. Come to think of it, he fits in rather well. :-)


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