Thursday, May 14, 2009

Stuff n' Junk

So, I've got a bit on my mind lately. If it's not apparent to you, I'll let you in on a secret:

My magical practice has fallen off sharply lately. Lots of work at the job, lots of stress around the house, and lots of naps. And Hostess Products.

I think that all contributed to a particularly bad Mercury Retrograde transition. I really need to be in harmony with Mercury so his rapid wanderings don't cause as much discord in my life. But I lost focus and got distracted and forgot I was a magician.

I mean, I knew I was a magician, but I wasn't a magician first. I was a Project Manager first, a Husband first, a Father first, a Hostess-craving obese slob first. (In case you're wondering, one box of Ding-Dongs on Saturday results in seven pounds gained by Tuesday in the Sphere of RO.)

The good thing about being a magician (and the bad thing too) is that eventually God starts kicking your ass to get you back to practicing. I like to think I only need gentle kicks, but the fact is my ass has been a football in a pro game lately. My ass has been so kicked my legs are sore.

Could be the added weight of the Ding-Dongs though.

Regardless of why my legs hurt, I've been back to practicing regularly for a week now. Every day some HGA Work, some Goetia to retune my sphere, and your basic magical exercise program to get back in shape. The nice thing is that  wasn't nearly as out of shape as I thought I was. I'd just sort of lost track of God. Sort of like a compass needle pointing to a passing magnet instead of to the North. Get out of the field of influence of the magnet, and the needle points North again.

To the people who have been IMing me lately, thanks. I appreciate the inspiration you bring. New friends and old, you've been great.