Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Why artists rock

Do you know why artists rock so hard?

Me neither. But they totally do. Here's an example of what an Artist can do with the strangest of materials. I'm talking about my book, the Modern Angelic Grimoire, not the baby. I totally would love to mass produce what she did with this. Thing is I can't even remember to send out a Spriit Bottle that I've had made for a month. It's in the box with the address... I just ahven't mailed the effing thing.Sorry, diude, but I'm terrible at online business. If I can't email it, I get all distracted.

Well, anyway, the Modern Angelic Grimoire is being put to good use. If you haven't ordered a copy and want one for yourself, feel free to buy one from me.

Also, look for the upcoming Modern Goetic Grimoire companion piece. I'm about 3000 words into it, and I fully expect it to be done in a couple of months. Or a year.