Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Head for the Home

I'm in the process of moving back into my house, so the next couple of weeks may see fewer posts. Rest assured any hiatus will be temporary.

Over the last couple of weeks, I've been working with some fellow magi on an interesting project that is a long way from being publishable, but it's definitely had some cool effects that have got my creative juices flowing.

After I get settled in, I will be resuming the Red Work series of courses. Based on recent experiences and revelations, some aspects of the overall course will be updated. It's coming together nicely, and I believe I'll be able to provide a simple and effective framework to accomplish the aims of the original Hermeticists as laid out in the Corpus Hermeticum.

I'm very excited about the prospects. I expect the Red Work series to provide communion with the Supernatural Assistant, Theurgical and Practical Work through the Four Elemental Spheres and the Seven Planetary Spheres, Access to and Integration of the Eighth Sphere, as well as a Goety aspect, which I may tone way down based on the evidence of current research. A lot depends on the outcome of the project I'm working on. If things continue the way they have been going, the whole Demon-conjure thing may be completely and totally a red herring, unnecessary to the accomplishment of the process depicted in the Emerald Tablet.

But Goety still provides a useful set of tools that are an aid to the magician while s/he masters the practical implications of the Eighth. Assuming they turn out to be more of what I've seen so far, that is.

As you cans see, things aren't coalesced enough to talk about publicly. There's too much "swirl," and not enough data to reach an informed conclusion. But there's more to come!