Thursday, March 08, 2012

PayPal: Get out of the Morality Police Business

Like most human decisions, PayPal's efforts to curb sexual predation started out as a really good idea, but then they acted like idiots. Under their guidelines, the Bible and the Quran would be banned. Which you might not think is a bad thing, but it is. This is digital book burning. This is where it begins.


  1. Except it's not PayPal that is the source of the problem here; it is the credit card companies. If PayPal wants to work with the credit card companies, then it has to play by their rules. So it passes those rules on to the merchants.

    There is an excellent summary at for anyone who would like to be more educated on this issue, and some actual events that have precipitated this video.

    If it wasn't Paypal it would be some other intermediary that relies on the credit card companies.

  2. "Credit Card Companies get out of the Morality Police Business" isn't the headline that brings a drip of attention to this subject. It's hip to protest corporations appressing the freedoms of the poor and unhygenic, in cas you hadn't noticed. One target everyone recognizes portrayed taking something we think we have no matter what, when we don't.

    Then people learn the real issue when they get closer to it. It's marketing, in other words Jase, and you wouldn't have known about it if it didn't work.

    Write your representative and tell them what has to change for you to be represented based on the details you learn.


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