Monday, March 05, 2012

Update on the Course Offer

Well, that was a huge success. I cut the deal off 24 hours to the minute after posting it. The money I needed to get the car was raised in the first five minutes, and then the orders kept pouring in. I'm totally overwhelmed now, but I get a much nicer range of cars to select from.

I'm setting up a separate yahoo group to distribute all the course materials for this class, and once that's finished you'll all be getting invitation emails to join the group. Emails will be sent to the email address provided with the purchase. If you want a different email associated with the course material, join the group using the email you prefer. The invitation has a link to the web page, and you can choose to join using whatever email address or yahoo account you wish.

When you join, you'll get the ebooks. There are a lot. Work through them by color, Black, then White, then Green. Don't skip ahead, and don't read them all at once, there's a lot of material and you'll get swamped. Try to pace it one lesson per week.


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  2. Frater RO,

    I'm in the process of ruling pages to make an illuminated copy of your angelic grimoire text for myself, and I figured I'd better ask first, before I scribed a line of text. Elbe gone back to some of the electronic editions of Trimethius's original, and you certainly made some some changes. All the same my goal is to make something beautiful. Hope that's ok.

    Also hope the new car search is going well, and the yahoo group setup is coming along...


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